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How to Choose a Perfect Shed Plan

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, DIY, How to, Outdoor Living, Variety

Did you know that garden sheds are for more than storing your soil, hoes and water pots? Many new builders mistakenly believe that these structures only serve one purpose but that simply isn’t the case. In fact, this is actually good news because if you find shed plans you like there is no reason you can’t use it to fit your needs.

If you think building a garden shed is so simple that you don’t need building plans, think again.

Building a shed requires attention to detail and the ability to follow instructions precisely. This is why it is so important to have a solid plan before you take any big steps in setting up your shed. The building is not like cooking where you can simply add a dash of this and a pinch of that and come up with best cheese soufflé man ever created.

It is a process of steps and missing even one step can lead to a leaning shed that will have to be rebuilt.

Many builders tend to—incorrectly—believe that shed plans are optional, that they aren’t necessary. Those newbies couldn’t be more wrong. It is a solid investment that will help you build a structure that is built to last. So, if you think you don’t need plans to build a shed, keep reading!


Find a garden shed plan that appeals

Building a shed is the easy part when compared to search through tens of thousands of shed plans looking for one that calls out to you. You will find plans that cost a lot of money yet offer very little in the way of substantial information, but you may also find free sources that offer step by step instructions on building such structures.

There is plenty of information, both reliable and unreliable, to help guide you through the entire process of building.

The web is the best source for finding out all the styles and sizes available. Most of us tend to think of garden sheds that look like miniature homes or the cookie cutter look common to grandmothers the world over. The truth is that you can find an architecture that looks like log cabins, grand Greek revival homes, plantation homes and even barns.

Give yourself time to find the garden shed stylethat appeals to you because it will be a time-consuming project. Plus, this will give you time to accept your decision and make plans to secure tools and materials.

As you can see, building a shed pretty much start and end with the shed plans. 

Accurate lists makes it easier to build

If you have never built anything before, then chances are good that you’re making a shopping list in your head won’t turn out very well. Again, if you get fewer screws than you need then you will need to stop and get more.

The other issue with not having a list of materials is that you run the risk of ruining some of your raw materials.

Any successful shed plans will be heavy with lists. As much as most of us wish we had fewer lists in our lives when it comes to a task like building a shed they come in handy. First, you’ll need a list of materials as well as a list of equipment you’ll need. Without these lists, you might find yourself stopping in the middle of a project to get more screws or rent an electric saw.

These lists also make great shopping lists so you know exactly what you need and how many of them you need. It will make navigating through a home improvement store a lot easier.

Don’t stumble through a handmade checklist; proper shed plans should do most of the work for you.


Professional tools are required if you want a good looking shed

One of the best reasons to use building plans to build a garden shed is because new builders have practically zero knowledge about what tools will be needed. You may think that a power drill and a hammer are all you need to get the job done, but what if you’re wrong? Then you’ll have to stop in the middle of building to find the tools you actually need.

Reliable shed plans will tell you exactly the types of tools you need to complete every step from the first nail to the last. You will be better off and the job will be completed much quicker if you have everything you need within reach. Toolkit 

Illustrated steps gives better overview

Have you ever tried to assemble a bookshelf or coffee table without instructions? Now imagine trying to build what is basically a miniature house with them. Pretty scary, right?

Diagrams or photos are a great way to guide a builder along, especially when you lose your way. You might find you’ve put planks together incorrectly or you started the roof before the walls were attached. Shed plans with diagrams show you exactly what piece goes where and howto assemble those pieces together.

Perhaps the most important reason you need to use a plan to build a garden structure is so that you can actually put it together. Do you know the first step in building a shed? If the answer is no, how will you start building your shed? New builders that attempt this often end up dissatisfied and demoralized and spending a lot of money on additional materials.

Building garden sheds require order and organization. There is a right way to build a shed and a right order in which to do it. Without following these steps in a clearly defined order you run the risk of erecting an unstable structure that may be a hazard.

Even experienced builders use a guide to help them or to refresh their memories when building something new.

If you’ve ever wondered why your neighbor is always happily hammering or sawing in his backyard, chances are good it’s because he has a great source for backyard plans.

Building a shed is about structure and order

You can’t start with the roof of a shed because, where will you put it? If you’ve never built anything from scratch you’ll be clueless about where to begin and you’ll wish you had decided to use plans.

Good plans will give you detailed instructions that will help you build a shed from the first step to the very last. At the same time, you want to make sure that you don’t try to skip or combine steps to knock a few minutes off your day. The steps are there for a reason and if you’re a newcomer, trust the plans done by a pro.

If you haven’t started building yet, be sure that you find shed plans first so you are following the exact list when you start gathering equipment and materials.


Get a professional shed plan to avoid mistakes

Starting a new project can be exhilarating. It can also be quite daunting if you don’t know where to start. As a new builder, you will probably make tons of mistakes that will cost you plenty of time and money. If you know where to look and ask the right questions though, you might find that you can lessen those mistakes to minor errors.

What you and all new builders need is a set of guidelines that will give you the insight you need into shed building. Step by step shed planswill not only guide you as you build your first shed but will also act as a springboard for other questions you may need to be answered before you begin.

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