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How to Choose a Garage Door to Add Class to Your Home

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Features, Outdoor Living, Variety

Any regular or sometimes HGTV viewer knows the importance of the often discussed “curb appeal.”

Curb appeal is the gut feeling visitors (and potential buyers, if you are in the market) experience when they first see your home from the street. Will they be wowed, charmed or turned off?

Curb appeal is not just a realtor’s whim: homes that are well-kept and well-designed from the outside regularly sell more quickly and at a higher price.

White and grey house with closed garage door - Photo by Jose Rago on Unsplash - Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

Many features contribute to curb appeal. Is the landscaping layered, colorful and interesting, or is it brown and nonexistent? Is the front door a bright, cheery color or faded and peeling? Has the house been recently painted, or is the siding dented and dull?

But one of the most overlooked yet most important aspects of curb appeal is the garage door. If your home features a side- or forward-facing garage door, it may be time to consider an update or an upgrade. Here are three tips to choosing the right garage door for your home.


The first thing to consider is the style. Would you like your door to have decorative hardware and windows, like carriage house styles? This look works particularly well with historic and craftsman-style homes and provides the appearance of swinging double doors to add extra depth.

Perhaps your home is more modern, so a contemporary look of aluminum and glass might blend smoothly with your home.

If you are looking to replace a standard door, perhaps a more traditional look of a paneled door in one color without hardware might be best.

The goal when considering the style of your garage door is to find one that complements, not competes with, the rest of your home.

Building Material

Many people make the mistake of picking a door on appearance alone. But the building material is just as important because it impacts how long a garage door will last and how it will stand up to wear and tear.

The typical building materials for garage doors are aluminum, vinyl, steel, natural wood or a composite.

Wood doors offer a craftsman look but can wear more quickly than their steel, vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum counterparts. They must be painted or stained regularly. Purchasing an insulated door will help with energy efficiency and stop air from leaking into your home. It may even help lower energy bills! The building material is an important consideration when choosing a garage door.

How to add class to your home with a garage door - Marquette Turner


Since the garage door is an important entryway to the home, please consider access to the door — what type of lock or openers does it include? Are there sensors to stop the door from closing when something is under it, like pets or parked cars?

Also think about the type of weather you experience when considering decorative glass in your door. If you are in a hurricane region, you may want to forgo the windows.

Because of the weight of the door and mechanics involved, rarely is garage door installation a DIY project. But if you have help, be sure to obtain installation information from the manufacturer.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” It’s true for your home as well. An updated garage door will help you and your home give a memorable first impression.

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