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How to add character to your kitchen

by emily

in Design & Trends, Interior Design, Lifestyle

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it deserves adequate thought and effort when it comes to design and décor. And seeing as not everyone has a say concerning the design of their kitchen, it mostly comes down to a choice of appliances and décor to add character to the kitchen.

People pass through the kitchen more than three times a day and Instagram posts about food and cooking are everywhere on the internet. You don’t want your kitchen, the standard white kitchen with an accent of grey here and there, to ruin the background of the amazing meal you’ve just prepared and posted about all over social media, do you?

And we aren’t talking about renovating your entire kitchen and starting a project that will never really finish. We’re talking about making a couple additions to the room to add some character and increase the Pinterest-worthiness of your kitchen.   

Light up the room


Let’s start with lighting. Whether you want a happier, more edgy or modern character for your kitchen, you can achieve it all with the help of lighting fixtures. Now, don’t go and replace all the kitchen lights you already have, just consider adding two or a few statement lighting pieces. Geometric lights are all part of the edgy and modern look, while hanging rope light clusters with filament bulbs and colourful rope bring a happy and light-hearted energy to the room.

Light is also such a simple way to change the feel of a room and if you’re looking for a romantic setting, switch off the main kitchen lights and let the statement lights shine. Alternatively, you may not even need more light but rather a clearer window to encourage bright natural light.

A feature wall


If you enjoy painting but haven’t managed to convince your partner of a viable wall to go paint-roller crazy on, you now have a viable paint-project proposal. If you want to add some stand out character to your kitchen, you need to give it a feature wall.

Choose a colour that won’t clash with the rest of the house’s décor, but still something that is different and going to be a visually loud change. Most people choose to paint the middle area of the wall between the countertops and wall cabinets, and the oven and extractor fan. A small stretch of wall that’s begging for some colour. But you could choose to paint your feature wall on any of the kitchen walls.

Colourful cookware


If, on the other hand, you don’t enjoy painting and the mission of masking tape and black bags that come with it, you could always introduce feature colours in other ways. Take your cookware, for example. Find yourself a set of colourful cast iron pots that you can hang off a pot rack above the kitchen table These colours will be the first thing people see when they walk into or passed the kitchen.

We all know that certain colours have certain meanings and reflect certain moods. So, when you choose your cast iron cookware colours, first of all, make sure it complements the home theme and, second of all, make sure it reflects your kitchen’s unique character. Blue and red are popular cookware colour choices, but the rainbow is your colour palette.

Wall-tiled accents


Mosaic tiles are alright, but if you want to update the same idea with what’s trending, you can opt for patterned wall tiles. These would normally take up that small middle wall space we were talking about, between the countertops and the wall cabinets. Bright colours and cultural patterns make this tiled feature a winner in all kitchens and immediately boosts the entire look.

You may not be able to pull off this addition on your own, but if you’re going to do it, make sure you do it right. It’s another feature wall idea in place of the paintbrush and roller option. Play around with different tiles and do a trial layout on the floor before adding them to walls and you’ll be able to swop necessary tiles around a lot easier than once they’ve been stuck on.

Natural elements


If you want to go a more affordable route, all your kitchen needs (for a little bit of character) are some natural elements. Indoor plants in the kitchen are easy to add and, depending on which plant you buy, easy to maintain. Another option would be to start growing an indoor herb garden in the kitchen.

There are no disadvantages to adding life and oxygen-making things into the kitchen, that’s for sure. Other natural elements include wooden or stone elements in the décor. Those can cost a bit more when you start quoting for countertops and tables but natural features in the home are popular at the moment.

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