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How to Achieve a Luscious Lawn

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Eco-Living, Guest article, Lifestyle, Outdoor Living, Variety

It can be the crowning glory of a property; a perfect lawn with deep green hues and often edged with beautiful herbaceous borders. So why is a luscious lawn so important?

Firstly, it lifts the whole look of a property and can add a significant amount to the value of that property. The English poet William Wordsworth wrote a poem on the subject, “This Lawn, a carpet all alive,” and there is little doubt that its visual attraction coupled with its environmental capabilities makes a lawn an essential part of a luscious lawn.

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A lawn is also a refuge for outdoor play and for parties during good weather. Many perfect barbecues have been held on a lawn while children play games of tag or hide and seek, and a good lawn can be the ideal place to set up a game of croquet or put up a goal net for some soccer practice.

Real grass or artificial?

There will always be a debate over which is the best, and for some people the installation of artificial turf means they save time on the care and maintenance. However, the artificial types do feel different to the real thing and are expensive to install compared to having a real lawn. Part of the enjoyment of being outdoors in the garden is taking caring of the real grass lawn, and though it might be more work it can be a relaxing and enjoyable task.

Caring for a lawn


​This is where getting it right will have a significant visual impact on a lawn. If grass is ​cut too short it can put the lawn under stress and damage it. Aiming for a general ​grass height of between 2½ and 3 inches should keep it in good condition, although it ​can be a little shorter at the beginning and end of the growing season. Cutting in ​drought conditions or when it is very wet may cause damage and should be avoided ​where possible.

How to achieve a luscious lawn


​The amount of watering necessary depends on the climate and weather. During a ​long, hot summer a lawn will need some water to prevent it drying out completely, ​and it should also be aerated every fall to improve the soil’s air and water content.


​If a lawn is to be the pride and joy of an outdoor area then it’s worth investing in a ​good quality lawnmower and grass trimmer. It’s really important to have sharp mower ​blades so the cut is clean – blunt blades can leave an unsightly white cast on the ​lawn’s top a few days after mowing. A quality trimmer will help deal with any hard to ​reach patches and make edges perfectly sculpted for a classic look.


​As the Beatle George Harrison put it so simply, “All Things Must Pass.” That’s true of ​any equipment, particularly mechanical, used to tend a lawn. That’s where a ​company such as Pat’s Small Engine can make a real difference, providing superb ​products to help homeowners maintain that luscious lawn.

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