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How Social Networking Changed My Life & Career

by Marquette Turner

in Features, Special Reports, The Real State

I remember all my life wanting to move somewhere far from home and gain new experiences and more understanding of different cultures. However you graduate, time moves on and you become comfortable in your career, your circle of friends and the life you build for yourself.

There is nothing wrong with taking this path; there is coziness about having familiarity and routines, about being able to feel certain you will see a comforting face at the grocery store, or order the same coffee each day from your favorite barista, but it does begin to get harder and harder to let it all go and explore.

Luckily, with the growth and development of social media such as “Facebook,” “MySpace” and “Twitter,” it has never been easier to connect with individuals from all over the world from the comfort of your own home. When else has it ever been possible to write our thoughts down, and in seconds be able to share them with thousands, who can then decide to “tweet” them to millions more?


We are in an age where it is imperative to learn the in’s and outs of social networking. Our thoughts today can be our reality tomorrow, with just a click of a mouse. Making it much less daunting to reach out for opportunities that may have otherwise seemed impossible.

It just so happens that the reason I am sitting here, in the center of Australia’s most metropolitan city, writing this article. I’m here as a direct result of “Facebook,” “Twitter” and social networking.

I had been living in Victoria, BC Canada and working as a Real Estate consultant there. I remember going for lunch one day and running into a friend that was just getting ready to take an extended vacation to Melbourne. It got me thinking about my old dreams of taking off to explore other parts of the world, but I had worked so hard to develop my career and wasn’t sure if I was ready to leave it behind.

It occurred to me that with all of the avenues in social networking, there would be no harm in poking around to see if it would be possible to continue expanding my career, in a new market.


I initially started searching using Google, for appropriate luxury agencies in Sydney Australia and upon finding one that I felt would be the perfect fit, prepared and sent an email inquiring about possible positions.

My first choice was Marquette Turner Luxury Homes, based in Sydney, whom I read had just been nominated as The Most Outstanding Luxury Agency in the World Under 2 Years Old (which they went on to win in Philadelphia in October).

I received a reply within a day or two and we kept in contact through email, “Facebook” and on the telephone, before deciding to meet in person. Three weeks after initially corresponding, I had met with Simon Turner and Michael Marquette in New York City on Oct 17, 2008 on their way to the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate Awards in Philly and I couldn’t have been more delighted.

They were exactly what I had been hoping for, bright, vibrant, innovative and open to new ideas. By the end of lunch, it was decided that I would begin working with them February 2009 and here I am. It is really astonishing how these avenues of global social networking can change your life, it you take the opportunities they are offering.


You can follow my journey via my Canadian Down Under blogs, and of course network yourself with Marquette Turner Luxury Homes.

Brittany West

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