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How Smart Paint Choices Can Make Your Home More Luxurious

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Interior Design, Interior Design, Restoration

If you are considering a complete home renovation, you will surely need to consider viable paint colors before you embark on the process. If you are also thinking about installing new hardwood floors and picking out new furniture, your walls will need to match the surrounding decor. By choosing the proper paint colors, your house will exhibit both luxury and elegance. Fiery reds, sunny yellows and magnificent purples are all perfectly valid choices when placed in the proper context.

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Consider Your Home’s Lighting

To choose effective paint colors, you should consider the available lighting in each room. While natural sunlight will allow the true color of the paint to shine through, incandescent lighting will generally cause warm colors to appear more prominent. Finally, fluorescent lighting will shift the color spectrum so that the blues are sharper and more clearly defined. To ensure that you are infusing your home with luxury, test your chosen paint chips in the light box before you leave the store. This will give you a better idea of how certain paint colors will actually appear after they have been applied to the walls.

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Recognize the Importance of Mood

If you live in a small house that is a bit dilapidated, a new paint job can significantly improve the interior. Bedrooms should generally be given soothing colors that will promote serenity. Deep blues and greens are always good choices. The dining room is usually a place of merriment and fun. Brighter hues of red, orange and yellow are generally superb options. If you expect to hold dinner parties in the dining room from time to time, warm colors can provide the perfect backdrop for a lovely evening with friends and family members. Playrooms, on the other hand, might benefit from animal murals, especially if the child is still a toddler.

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Learn the Meanings of Key Painting Terms

Amateur painters will want to become very familiar with certain concepts. Hue, saturation and intensity are all vital to the success of the project. If you are looking to make a certain room more active, then you will likely want stronger hues and greater intensities. You may also want to consider adding accent colors. Home exteriors, for example, usually look great with yellow siding and green shutters. You will ultimately want to use associated pastel colors to craft a room that will be both sophisticated and luxurious.


Research Decorative Finishes

For a fun twist, you can also use special decorative finishes that are designed to make certain rooms unique. Metallic finishes and colored glazes, for example, might work well in basements or large family game rooms. Copper, bronze and mica can add a bit of texture to the walls. For a touch of Victorianism, you might even choose to go with an antiquated gold or silver finish.


No home renovation project will be successful without the proper paint colors.  If you’re not sure on which colours to use for your home, there are professional painters in Toronto who can help complete your particular painting project.

This is a guest article by Lussy Mark

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