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How Renovation Is One Of The Best Way To Make Money In The Property Market

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Renovation, Restoration, Variety

Investing in property is one of the best ways to make money from your investments. Real estate is one of the investment portfolios that is known to appreciate in value and this is what makes it a great investment option. The returns are also high when compared to other investment options such as treasury bonds and government securities and this gives people a lot of motivation to invest in this sector. The trend in real estate investment has always been to buy complete buildings or build new ones from scratch but is this the only way to go about investing in real estate? Definitely not! Renovation and redevelopment is another option that investors can explore and this article takes a look at how individuals can make money from renovations.

  1.      You can get cheap buildings at an auction.

Financial institutions usually repose buildings from individuals or business entities that are not able to pay the loans advanced to them and when this happens, they usually hold auctions to try and get their money back. The going rates are usually not that high and this makes auctions a great way to acquire real estate pieces for investment. You should, however, be prepared for bidding wars as the items are usually sold to the highest bidder and you have to outbid everyone at the auction to emerge successful. Before buying a building at an auction, you should make an effort to determine the real value of the house so as not to bid more than is necessary at the auction.


  1.      Find houses in a good location.

Even if you are buying a building for renovation, you should only buy those that are in a great location. A good location increases the value of real estate and you will be able to sell it off at a high price or generate a lot of revenue if you develop rental units for home accommodation or business use. Some of the things location-wise that you should consider include how close the building is to crucial social amenities such as schools, hospitals, and entertainment joints. You should also buy buildings that are surrounded by transport systems for added convenience.

  1.      Determine the cost of the upgrades beforehand.

Before you decide to take the redevelopment route in property investment, you should determine the real value of the redevelopment before you invest. Prospective investors should get an appraiser for valuation and only continue with the investment if the cost of the renovation is not higher than the cost of building from scratch or buying a ready house. The purpose of buying old and damaged buildings is to pay less and make savings but if it turns out that you will pay more than is necessary for the renovations, then you are better off finding another form of investment.


If you are looking to sell your home, renovating it here and there couldn’t hurt. Or you could really go the extra mile and really improve it, for example if you soundproof the walls so it give you that extra feel of privacy would be great. This is exactly what af-acoustics.com specialise in. Redevelopment is one of the best ways to make savings when investing in property. Individuals should, however, be careful with this option of investment as the cost of renovations may be too high and as such, they may end up spending more than they had earlier planned.  


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