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How AI can improve your home security

by emily

in Lifestyle

As scary as artificial intelligence (AI) sounds (have you seen The Terminator?), it’s actually a very useful tool. Besides using AI in the financial and food sectors, it can also be utilised in home security as well. In fact, your entire home can be secured by a single ‘machine’ that watches over you and your possessions.

Don’t worry, this isn’t HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey (he wasn’t evil, anyway), but rather advancements in technology. Your home will be protected from intruders, unwelcome guests, and nosy family members as well. With an AI solution, you might not need 24-hour on-site security and a dedicated room with a video wall controller and constant surveillance.

Here are a few ways in which AI can help protect your home.

Controlling cameras

One of the primary ways to monitor your residence and look after your home is with video cameras. If these are strategically placed, you’ll be able to cover every inch of your property with minimal effort. Of course, just having static cameras that don’t move is inconvenient, and so is employing someone just to monitor them.

With AI, the system is able to constantly keep a lookout for anything that looks strange or it doesn’t recognise, as well as making sure to give constant coverage to areas it deems to be a danger. The system is also able to only record when it perceives something or someone as a danger, which will save on having to buy multiple hard drives for storage and backup.

When a car pulls up to your house, or someone is at the front door, the AI will be able to alert you before the guest has rung the bell. If the person has been there before, the system will be able to recognise them and state who they are to you.

The system can also monitor each and every disturbance and interaction it has. This way, it will generate a report and figure out if the same person keeps trying to break in or is testing your security system. With this information, you will be able to make improvements to any weak areas on your property.

Away from home notifications

You can’t be at home all of the time. After all, you are either working or taking a well-deserved break. With an AI system, you won’t need to rely on disturbance notifications from a security company that may or may not check out your home. The AI system will alert your phone/tablet/laptop to any possible problems and stream the video footage to you in real-time. It can also check all of the motion sensors in the house and give you a full breakdown of the activity that has taken place.

Due to recognition software, an AI system will not trouble you if your cat or dog are wondering around. It will understand that a pet is not an intruder and not the size of a human, either.

Protecting your home against the elements

Thanks to the advancements in AI technology, your home won’t just be protected from intruders and family members. If there is a terrible storm, it can alert you to any possible damage, such as broken windows or a power outage – provided you have a backup generator that it can activate. In the case of a fire, the AI is able to monitor all of the smoke detectors and visible detect any flames or smoke. Not only will it notify you of any problems, but the local emergency services as well.

The footage it captures can be used with insurance companies to prove that weather damage was an ‘Act of God’ or that it wasn’t your fault a fire was started.

Helping you in your own home

Lastly, the biggest asset to your family and home is you. If you break your leg or are knocked unconscious, it could be hours or even days before anyone actually finds you and sends for help. The AI system will be able to assess if any danger has befallen you, such as falling or passing out, and alert your loved ones and emergency services.

Those are just a few of the ways in which AI can help protect you and your home. If you are worried about home security, it may just be time to look at one of these machine solutions.

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