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How a Travel App Can Help You See the Best of Prague

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Apps, Technology, Travel, Variety

Travel apps have no doubt made it easier to make the most out of each and every one of your trips. Since almost everyone seems to have a smartphone nowadays, it means that everyone can enjoy the many benefits of the latest in hot new travel apps.

Your own personal tour

Travel apps such as Localeur allow you to design and plan your own guided tour with ultimate flexibility. The Localeur app points travellers to unique areas at a destination. If you are visiting Prague, you can get a list of the sites that other travellers enjoyed the most. Apps such as this can help you find attractions to visit that you may have otherwise overlooked. Often there are many great spots in a city that most tourists never see because they just go to the most common attractions.

best of prague

Translation and language

Language barriers can make a trip difficult to enjoy at times. Apps such as Quizlet help you to learn basic sentences that you need the most. Attempting to learn some of the language of the country where you are travelling can help locals respect you more, and this can lead to some great adventures that not every tourist is able to have. Some apps also offer complete translation programs so that you can communicate as well as possible. This can make navigating around cities such as Prague much quicker.

Dining made easy

There are so many restaurants in a city such as Prague that it can be overwhelming making the decision of where to eat. With the myriad of restaurant apps available, it is easy to find a restaurant with great reviews and the cuisine you wish to enjoy. In fact, many restaurants have their own apps to help customers book tables, look at menus, order ahead, and more. Apps are a great way to get the inside scoop on daily specials at favorite restaurants as well. Worry Free Labs has designed many state of the art apps for successful restaurants.


Many travellers use Instagram to share photos and experiences. Looking at other travellers’ Instagram feeds can help you get a feel for the sites you want to see the most while in Prague. Insight into others’ experiences will make it a lot easier to customize your own trip so that you get the most out of it and make some fantastic memories while abroad.

Time savings

While travelling for an extended period of time sounds great, it is not a realistic option for most people who have jobs and families. This means that it is important to make the best use of your time while travelling. Apps mean that you save time and money while touring the beautiful city and meeting the friendly people of Prague. However, since there are so many great things to see, you may want to plan an extra day if you can. With the use of other travel apps, you may be able to save enough money and time to extend your trip.

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