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Housewarming gifts people actually want

by emily

in Variety


Moving into a new home is an exciting adventure. Any home-owner will tell you that to pack up and go is easy; it’s the unpacking that seems to be the most tiring part.  It would be fair to say that helping your friends with the move is a big enough gift, but getting them a little something will also suffice. Think of a housewarming gift as the cousin of a wedding gift. The principle remains the something – it should be something that they will be proud to use. Not something that will be stowed away and rewrapped as a secret Santa gift for someone else. Your friends have taken out the step to take out a home loan, now your next step is to celebrate it.

A toolbox

Everyone needs extra screws, nails, pins etc. The toolbox can be filled with backup supplies of merchandise that always end up missing or we’re always running out of.  This thoughtful gift is one that not many think of and will most definitely come in handy.

A go-to starter pack

Every household needs cleaning products, especially when moving in for the first time. Buy a good amount of cleaning products with cleaning materials as well. Buy a wash bucket, place everything in there and tie it up with a nice bow.

A portable braai stand

Who does not love a sizzling steak on the braai-grill? A portable braai stand will inspire more social gatherings and that means love and joy all around. Not only will it bring more sociable meetings, but it may even produce a few braai-masters or two.

Medical supplies

Medical supplies such as pain-killers, plasters, wound disinfectant etc. will always come in handy at some stage. A medical cabinet full of supplies is a homeowner who is well prepared and ready for anything that may come their way. Giving a gift such as this means that you care about the person, and are only looking out for their needs.


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