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House Painters Help Ann Arbor Residents with Exterior Painting

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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Painting the exterior of your home is often a job that homeowners put off for as long as possible, often because it’s a big job that they are intending to do themselves when they have time, or because they worry about the expense. 

Unfortunately, if you have a wooden house that is coming up to needing repainting, the longer you leave it the more it is likely to cost you. Your exterior paint is not purely for aesthetic appeal, but also provides additional waterproofing to your home. If you allow your paint to start chipping and peeling through old age and neglect you run the risk of damaging the weatherboards underneath. Once your paint starts to deteriorate to a certain point you will find that not only are you repainting, but you will need to start replacing weatherboards. With luck you will catch any damage before leaks and rot start to affect your framework. 

Why Timing Matters

In Ann Arbor the weather can play havoc on timing your painting your exterior, which is why it makes sense to talk to someone like Michigan Pure painters in Ann Arbor who understand how to beat the weather to get you the best paint job. Ann Arbor’s humidity levels can cause the issues with paint setting properly on house and painting in the snow is near impossible! However, you do not want to be waiting years for your painter to have just the right weather. What you need to ensure is that you are working with someone who if familiar with the houses commonly found in Ann Abor, and throughout Michigan, as well as being family with the type of paint that is going to work best in the varying conditions. 

Before you hire a painter or painting company, see if you can get a few word of mouth reviews about reliability. The last thing you want is to book a painter in who doesn’t turn up when they say that will, or starts the job then leaves again for an unknown period of time. Not only does this unsettle your entire household as everyone tries to prepare for tradespeople to be invading their space, but it also puts your house at risk. Particularly if you have someone who has started the job and has left your house exposed to the elements in any way. 

Wooden wall

Customer Service Means More Than Just Wielding A Paintbrush

Customer service shouldn’t simply be a case of providing you with a painted exterior in the color you wanted (although this is obviously the very base level you should expect). You should be able to get good advice about paint types, finishes, and even warnings about colors that may be a problem. If your painter isn’t experienced to be able to advice you whether or not the bright red is going to fade or if the matt black is going to heat in the summer and cause the weatherboards to warp and crack, you may want to keep looking for the right company. 


How Cold Is Too Cold? 

It gets a little bit cold in Ann Arbor, however although the nighttime temperatures will often fall below 0°F, the days are often warmer than people realize. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ann_Arbor,_Michigan#Climate . Until recently exterior paint is not going to cure when the ambient temperature drops below 50°F. Thankfully paint manufactures know that this severely limited the number of painting days available to much of the country. So, if you talk to your painting firm, they may be able to advise you if using one of the paints that has been designed to cure at 30°F is going to be appropriate for your needs. 

If you are painting your house in summer this may not be a consideration, however, you should be able to trust that your painting company will know the paints that they use well enough to be able to find the best product for your house. This may also mean that they take into consideration how much direct sunlight your home gets, how exposed to the elements it is, as well as what the build up of snow is likely to be in winter. 

A close up of a yellow wall

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Although until recently a painter or decorator working anywhere in the state of Michigan had to be licensed, that has now changed (see here). This means that it is even more important to ensure that you know who you are hiring. You should be able to see examples of their previous work via portfolio pictures, as well as see customer testimonials. 

If you have old lead paint on your exterior that is flaking and needs to be removed before your painters can start work, you may need to hire a specialist. However, this is something that your painter can advise on, as they may be able to arrange to sort this for your themselves, or work around it. 

Scaffolding & Ladders

This is often an area overlooked by homeowners when they are hiring a painter, which makes sense, as most people are focused on the finish and the color. However, if you have gardens or trees near to your house you should also be concerned about how these will be treated when your painters are trying to paint around them. Climbing roses may need to be removed to access the wall behind, and bushes may hinder a painter with a ladder being able to access your eves. A quick conversation with your lead painter about how they will access the house can save a lot of heartache down the line. 

Often painters will set up a low scaffold even if working on a single-story house as this makes it significantly easier to reach the higher sections of the house without having to move a ladder from spot to spot. This is also the much safer way of painting, and in some areas is a requirement by Health and Safety legislation. 

Is The Work Guaranteed?

Although there is no real obligation, good tradespeople will often guarantee their work. Before hiring your painter check to see what their policy is. A firm that offers a satisfaction guarantee is more likely to try to ensure that they meet your decorating needs and ensure strong communication right from the start. 

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