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Hot Dallas Housing Market – Renting May Be the Solid Financial Option

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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Dallas, Texas, USA on Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

It is no secret the American dream includes home ownership. But the real question is does it make financial sense? In many of the hottest real estate markets in the United States the answer is probably not. Dallas housing prices are forecast to grow 10% as reported in the Dallas Morning News just last week. If you can’t get in before the rise it may be that for the time being the solid financial choice is to rent a property. Given high consumer debt, and low interest rates in a rising economy, recent gains in housing prices may not be sustainable.

Cost of Mortgages vs Rent

Perhaps then it is time to consider renting a property. Many people will present the traditional argument, “If the cost of the mortgage is the same per month as rent, then you should buy a home.” The fact remains this does not take into account fees, which one does not pay in an apartment. Notably the 2.74% property tax levied in the Dallas metropolitan area and the funds required for doing maintenance on a home throughout the year. Both of which are absent on Dallas apartments, and covered within your rent.

Rent Some Luxury

The second traditional knock on renting has been the quality of the facility. There are many high quality Dallas apartments available including services which one may not be able to afford in a home. Notably pool facilities, hot tub, fitness facilities, security and covered parking amenities. The key has always been and remains to find high quality apartment living without the hassle and expense of home ownership.

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Easier Than Ever To Find a Rental

Many services exist to help would be renters find amazing rental accommodations, and often they come at no cost to the consumer. In the case of Smart City Locating a Dallas apartments search service provider, the consumer fills out a form with all of their requirements. This includes everything from number of bedrooms, to price to neighborhood, and the service takes care of finding an apartment, which meets their needs.

Realtors and other online portals are also great places to search for hidden gems. Many people will list their one off housing units, which they have finished themselves with great care via these online services. Sorting through them can be a bit of a task, however, so you can always outsource it to one of the apartment search services like the one mentioned above.

An Ever-Evolving Realty Market

The reality is that the Dallas market is highly competitive, and fast changing. As the traditional case for home ownership loses weight , rentals will become an increasingly important market in an expanding city.

The American dream of the future does not just include home ownership, it includes renting high quality affordable apartments where all you have to do is pay the rent and turn the key. Finding an apartment you can proudly call home, can be a task, but it is not one you have to take on alone. There are plenty of professional available online and at the end of the phone to help you with yo

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