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Hosting the perfect housewarming

by emily

in Lifestyle

It’s finally happened. You’ve found your dream house/apartment/studio/loft/domicile-of-sorts. The furniture’s moved in and the boxes are unpacked. What better time to celebrate? Here’s what you need to know about hosting your first perfect housewarming party.

Make a guest list

Before you get down to the invitations, draw up a guest list. Be sure to include any friends, family or coworkers who have made a significant contribution to your life in the last one or two years. Be cognisant of the amount of space that you have available to you and restrict your guest list accordingly. If your space is quite small – property prices these days are ridiculous – then consider hosting two or three smaller parties rather than one big one. Remember that the more people you have, the more expensive the party’s likely to be. If your budget is tight, try limiting the guest list.

Choose a date

It’s all very well celebrating your new space. But you also want to give yourself some time to unpack, decorate and clean up. It wouldn’t be ideal if you host a party and there are still boxes strewn around the place. Planning a party two to three weeks after you’ve moved in gives you enough time to prepare and unpack, gives your guests ample time to diarise the date and gives you added incentive to get yourself settled.

Send out those invites

Your invitation should be sent at least a couple of weeks in advance. Any shorter notice and your guests may already have made other plans. In the old days, we’d have made a social media event about it. Nowadays, a WhatsApp group works more efficiently. Just be concise in your messaging: Time, place, date, what to bring and an RSVP request. There are few things more irritating than being added to a WhatsApp group and being spammed with unnecessary messages.

Plan your food and drinks

These days, most housewarmings involve feeding the guests in some capacity. Perhaps it’s just finger foods, a braai or a simple dinner. Consider the time of day. A morning housewarming might include a fry up with champagne, while an afternoon or early evening party might include some chops on the fire, a few beers or some wine. Because it’s a housewarming and not just a general party, etiquette says that as host, you provide all or at least some of the food and refreshments. But don’t be afraid to ask a few trusted friends to bring something. It all helps.

Pro tip: Be sure to have enough cutlery, crockery and glassware for your guests, even if that means that you have to hire a few extras. It’s not like you’ll need to hire an entire set of stainless steel cookware, just a few odds and ends, so it shouldn’t cost too much. And it’ll make your guests feel more welcome.

Strategically place your food

The first things people generally gravitate towards at a party are sips and nibbles. So strategically place them at places that show off your home’s best assets. If you have a great view set up a drinks table in front of it. Killer kitchen? Layout those appetisers on your new and oh-so-fetch marble counter.

Make the place smell good

An inviting scent will make your guests feel right at home. Consider lighting a few gently scented candles and placing them around your new home. Or boil a few cinnamon sticks on the stove to make the place feel warmer. Just keep it minimal, you don’t want to choke your guests with an overpowering smell.

A killer playlist can ramp up the party

Great music is the key to any standout party. Work on putting together a playlist ahead of time or let YouTube or Spotify be your autopilot. Remember it’s meant to be fun, so put some of your favourite music right at the top of the list to get you into the party mood even before your guests arrive.

Now enjoy your party

It might seem obvious, but it’s easy to slip into the routine of crazy host who is cooking, serving, bartending and playing Oprah or Dr Phil with every guest. Recruit a couple of friends or family members to take shifts manning the kitchen or drinks so that you get time to actually relax. And, if the occasion allows for it, clear some space for a dance floor. After all, it’s not likely that you’ll be having another housewarming anytime soon.

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