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Homeworkers in the UK on the Rise

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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Talk to anyone you come across on the commute to work and you will find that a good number of them would rather work from the comfort of their homes. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as there are lots of benefits to gain from working from home; not least avoiding the weather in the winter, and enjoying the weather in the summer.

The costs of commuting is also enough to push people to embrace the work from home option. Other benefits include savings on costs of clothing, savings on the cost of car maintenance, savings on older children’s care, getting a few hours back every day. Working from home also brings the benefit of flexibility and reduced distractions for people that will be working alone at home.

Homeworking Infographic

This infographic shows that more people are becoming aware of these benefits and exploring the option of working from home. In the last 15 years, the number of people working from home has grown to 4.2 million, as at March 2014. This is not made up of more senior professions, as the figures here show that there are more people aged 25-49 working from home than those aged 50-64. The majority of the home workers put in between 30-45 hours per week into their work. This debunks the myth that it is impossible to control work hours when working from home.

Working from home, however, only works in the right environment, such as properly designed garden rooms. You need a space to work from that is quiet, comfortable, and ideally filled with natural light. Setting aside a dark corner of the bedroom, or under the stairs, is not the healthiest way forward!

Infographic: Home Working on the Rise

Home Working on the Rise is a Infographic produced by GardenSpaces.co.uk, The Garden Rooms Specialist

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