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Home trends for 2017

by emily

in Features

The new year is upon us. As we say goodbye to 2016 many people are keen to wish this past year well and never think of it again. Most of us want to start 2017 with a refreshed spirit and a brand new outlook. Because let’s face it, 2016 was a doozy and the majority of people are keen to make sure 2017 is not remotely similar.

At the beginning of every year, all the interior design aficionados share their thoughts on what the upcoming trends will be for the year. What is considered interesting and chic design the upcoming year? They also name the Pantone Colour Of The Year and base many new design decisions on this colour. In this new year, there are many new developments. For instance, a very popular design trend for 2016 was the use of metallics and in particular copper. However, this year these metallics and copper are out. It is no longer trending and if you want to stay ahead of the curve you need to start removing these feature items from your home.

Here are the design trends you should bear in mind if you hope to revamp your home into a gorgeous, chic abode for 2017.

Bright green throughout the whole house

The Pantone Colour Of The Year for 2017 has been named and it is “Greenery”. This means green in various different shades is a theme that will be seen throughout interior design throughout the year. The idea is that “greenery” will represent refreshment in the space and a revitalization of calmness in the home. Considering the turbulence of 2016 this makes complete sense. You can include this colour scheme into your home through vibrant prints and including more indoor plants in your living areas.

In the bedroom, headboards are key

This is an old school trend from yesteryear but it is making a comeback. If you don’t have a bed with an attached headboard you can easily make one and have it custom cut to fit your bed. Or alternatively you can buy one and you can find them for an affordable price at antique stores. However,  if you have one made you can have it covered in your original choice of fabric whereas an existing one will need to be upholstered if you can’t find one that meets your design needs.

Bring the outdoors inside

Bringing plants indoors has been a suggestion from most interior designers for many years. Blurring the lines between the outdoors and inside is a trick that most design enthusiasts encourage. But there’s a new wave of interest in succulents, in particular, this coming year. And, you might consider decorating more than just the living room or placing a small succulent in the guest bathroom. Think about placing them in clusters all around the house, even consider creating a beautiful terrarium. Finding succulents is not difficult as nurseries all over have many different species of varying shapes, heights and sizes. If you want your succulents to look a little more rustic then place them in terracotta pots or little antique jars. Maintaining succulents is extremely, you simply need to place them in a space where they’ll receive enough light and water them regularly.

Terracotta tiles to warm up your space

Currently, the cooler, white tones that are found in every modern home are out and warmer tones are now in and far more popular. Back in the eighties, terracotta tiles were used as border tiles but this new trend sees them being used as feature walls and treated with a matte finish. They can also be used as cladding for fireplaces or indoor braai areas. This adds a warm finish and a bit of character to the home but you need to keep the tiles neat and smart as if they’re too rustic they look outdated.

Use cork correctly

Cork is an extremely stylish material that will add a lot of warmth to any space and it has an incredible texture that gives dimension to the environment. It can be used to clad entire walls as a feature wall and tis works very nicely in a home office environment as it absorbs noise and ca be used as a pin board.

The trends highlighted above form part of an enormous list of upcoming decor trends. There are many things to consider when revamping your home. But it’s not always about the aesthetic, you home must also be a welcoming space and that means attending to your family and guests most important needs. Tapping into all five of their senses means they can enjoy your from all perspectives. So make sure to have snacks and treats on hand, keep your living areas neat but with beautifully layered and textured furniture pieces that anyone can grab and hold onto and keep your space smelling delicious with the likes of the Airoma 3 in 1 range that’ll deliver beautiful scents into the air throughout the day.

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