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Home owner tricks to boost property prices

by Marquette Turner

in News & Views

MOST real estate veterans know the trick of brewing coffee when you’re trying to sell your house, but some savvy vendors are taking dressing up the family home to a new level – parking shiny luxury cars in the driveway.

Sydney agents are taking an extra step to boost house prices by as much as 10 per cent by using props, cleaners and expensive cars to make the first impression count.

Real estate firm Marquette Turner now offers a complimentary “CONCIERGE” service to help increase the final sale price with some simple yet effective techniques.

Parking a brand new flash BMW in the driveway is hardly subtle, but it works, Marquette Turner partner Michael Marquette said.

“Impressions count right from the start, first impressions really do matter,” he said.
“We have a deal with a BMW outlet and for every home we can choose what sort of product might best suit that home.”

“We see prices rise 5 to 10 per cent, and sometimes even more,” Mr Marquette said.
Having the front garden and lawns prepared and manicured professionally before the open house is another good tip.

There are also techniques that can improve the interior.

“We make sure people take down photos, otherwise buyers walk around looking at them instead of the house.

“We also give advice on making sure the place has a fresh coat of paint if it needs it – which costs next to nothing.

“And we’ll bring flowers to provide the right aromas. It’s the things that make people feel comfortable and at home.”

The agency will also bring a carer along to take pets for a walk while the doors are open.

From the Daily Telegraph. Written by Rhys Haynes. August 04, 2007

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