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Holographic Furniture

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Furniture, Interior Design, Lifestyle, Technology, Variety

Whether you’re in the real estate industry, a keen renovator or “flipper”, or have a general interest in design and technological concepts, holographic product displays by IES Project could certainly be a new concept that you’ll find interesting.

Recently featured at Tortona Design Week in the Tortona Via Savona district of Milan, Italy, IES Project’s holographic displays removes the need for spending on the production and transportation of an idea, and simultaneously eliminate the environmental impact of shipping products to the exhibition or place of display.

Ingeniously, the displays present a 3D spinning hologram of the featured product set to music, and come loaded with the designer’s contact details and purchase links.

How easy would it become to quickly furnish a house for staging or try out an expensive new piece that you’re not sure where to place, for example?

This is certainly a great idea.

You can read more at the IES Project website


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