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Helpful tips for when you’re decorating your home

by emily

in Variety

Whether you are planning on moving into your new home or you’ve simply decided that it’s time to redecorate, it can be stressful. But decorating your home doesn’t necessarily need to be exasperating. Redecorating should be an enjoyable experience for you and your family.

Below is everything you need to know when you plan on revamping your home.  

Start out by planning everything

Before anything else, it’s important for you to plan and know what sort of design you’re going for. Make sure you jot down all your ideas in a notebook. When you go window shopping for ideas or when you’re surfing the net, you can look back at your notes and make the necessary changes. Trying to remember everything isn’t going to work, it will only confuse you.

Take pictures if you need to, it’s important that you figure out what style you’re hoping to achieve. There are plenty of home designs to choose from such as traditional, modern or contemporary. Find one that best describes you.

It’s time to declutter

You need to go through everything in your home and decide what needs to be thrown away and what stays. Remember that a cluttered space will make it hard for you to design your perfect home. You don’t need to throw everything you own away. Keep your souvenirs and items which can add value to your new home design.

Play around with your furniture

Leave all your major appliances unless they completely clash with your design. You can always keep a few of your electric appliances and pieces of furniture and incorporate it into your new design. Items like your counter space, tiles, and the design of the house can be left as is. You can change your small kitchen appliances such as your rice cookers, coffee makers and kettle if you choose to.

If you plan on revamping your entire kitchen, you can look for a different washing machine. You can also look at refrigerators, there is side by side fridges and french doors which look beautiful with any home design. There is also a range of microwaves which you can choose from.

Colours and themes

Over the years, people have become braver and bolder when it comes to experimenting with colours. Finding the right colour paint can change the entire appearance of your home.

If you would like a bold house, play around with bright colour paints, patterns and furniture. If you are going for the modern, minimalistic approach try going for neutral colours.

Plan one room at a time

Take your time decorating, everything doesn’t need to be done immediately. Take your time, let your creative juices flow. That way you know that you’re purchasing items that you absolutely love and won’t regret later.

Plan and change one room at a time. As time goes by you, will have an idea of what you want for each room. The first two places to start would be your living room and your kitchen.

It’s important that you find beautiful artwork for your living room as finding stylish accessories can change a room. If you are a fan of artwork you can use it in more than one room. The right artwork will always create a focal point in your home and adds texture which is helpful when you’re redecorating.

Once you have moved from your living room you can start with the kitchen. Choosing the best home appliances for your new home can be difficult. However, you just need to find the household appliance which can help you to achieve your vision.

The kitchen is a fun place to redecorate since there are plenty of modern kitchen appliances you can buy. However, always consider the space, shape and size of your kitchen before buying anything.

Accessorize when you need to

Home decor accessories should be your best friend. Items like carpets, cushions, throws for your couches, vases, ornaments and mirrors can make a huge difference. Accessories have a way of turning a plain room into something chic.

Try using rugs in your living room and bedrooms and making them the focal point in the room. Place a rug under the coffee table and chairs, as rugs offer comfort and elegance. Make sure to use ornaments, cushions and throws which complement each other. Use different fabrics and patterns as they will make a big difference.

Mirrors can also add elegance to a room. However, make sure you place the mirror away from the sun because the light will bounce back and it won’t fulfil its purpose.

Lighting is important

Proper lighting plays a vital role, as it can change the entire appearance of your home. Lighting creates warmth and ambience. If you don’t have natural light in your home, try using white or warm, bright colours to brighten up your rooms.

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