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Helpful steps to renovating your small kitchen

by emily

in Lifestyle

Committing to a kitchen renovation project is a stressful venture. While part of the stress is sticking to a financial budget, other concerns involve having to work around the size. Bigger kitchens have more freedom than smaller spaces, but at least you can save on the additional appliances and kitchen island costs. If you plan your project smartly, your new kitchen doesn’t have to leave you in debt.

Here are a few tips for approaching your small kitchen renovation:

  • Take control of your kitchen plans

While any home building department is going to convince you to hire their team to do the job properly, the perk about having a smaller kitchen is that it could become a proud task for you to take on. Since the space is smaller, with less to work with, you will be able to renovate your kitchen yourself. With the right tools and know-how, you will be able to save on unnecessary costs when hiring a professional team.

  • Take the right steps when planning your new kitchen

As much as you’d like to go all out with your new kitchen, find ways to scale down. There will always be a time where you can add on or change things up when you have the money. But in the initial phases, be practical with your decision. Think about the appliances you want to incorporate into your kitchen. The right mindset to have would be to spend the money you have on high-quality items and save up for more in the near future. There is no point in splurging for the sake of having everything now. Side-by-side fridges work perfectly in bigger kitchens and will most probably make your small kitchen feel extremely cramped. And, as for stove preferences, consider going for a model such as the Eurogas oven. While they might be pricey, the cost savings in electricity and cooking time is worth the spend. Another concern is cupboard space vs. countertop space. Make sure you have enough storage space to store all your canned food items and, if possible, opt for the water-saving dishwasher and washing machine options.

  • Determine your values and requirements for your space

Before you can purchase your resource and equipment to start renovating, you need to have a clearly thought-out plan of action. For example, what are your requirements for your kitchen? Unfortunately, you’re going to need to make sacrifices and choices on the type of layout you’re going to have in your new kitchen. So, letting your bar fridge take up most of your counter space is one of those decisions.

  • Buy cabinets that you can build yourself

Choose cabinets that you can build yourself. Most home improvement and warehouse stores offer build-your-own options for kitchens, therefore these are the types of options you should go for with your small kitchen. Especially since you’ll be doing it by yourself. With bigger kitchens, of course, you are more likely to have someone come in, measure and fit everything perfectly according to your idea. But the nice thing about building your own kitchen is that you can always tweak ideas along the way. While you’re at it, try and maximise your cabinet usage by installing rollout shelves for more space.

  • Use larger floor tiles

As strange as it may seem, look for large tiles to incorporate into your kitchen area. When you use large tiles in small spaces, it makes the kitchen appear bigger which is exactly what you want. Another perk about this is that your tile variety might increase as there are more options for bigger tiles.

You might not be aware of it but smaller kitchens or spaces, in general, look darker. And darker rooms tend to make you feel claustrophobic. Now, nobody would want to cook in a space that makes you feel this way. So, since lighting plays an important role, in paint colours and actual light fittings, take the time to brighten up the space by painting the room a bright colour. Not only will this make your space look bigger, neater and more modern, it will also immediately catch the eye of anyone who enters it.

  • Use lighting to create the illusion of more space

Much like any bedroom in the house, lighting plays an important role in your kitchen space too. Hanging lights over your central countertop will drastically brighten up the space and make the ceiling look taller and feel bigger. Downlights also work wonders in a kitchen space. After all, bright wall colours, big tiles and plenty of lighting will turn your newly renovated kitchen the space you’ve always dreamed of.

Final words

As you dive into this exciting new adventure of renovating your small kitchen, try not to get so caught up in making it look perfect that you go over budget. While it is an investment for your apartment or home, you need to be careful of over capitalising on your kitchen for future returns. But enough with the adult talk. Enjoy it and make the most of all the heartwarming memories you’ll soon be making in your kitchen.




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