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Healthy Living – Creating Space In Your Home For An Active Lifestyle

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Features, Health, Lifestyle, Variety

If you have chosen to walk the healthy path and change up your lifestyle to bring in new meaning, you can easily make this a way of life if you adjust your thinking accordingly. Many people change their diets, join the gym and go all out when they believe they have turned over a new leaf, but usually just as quickly as the wave hits them, it too passes over. One of the major hurdles for these types of people was actually making it to the gym. After some research and looking around, we discovered those who created healthy living spaces were more likely to stick with their lifestyle changes and we thought we could share some of these tips with you to keep you on the straight and narrow and spruce up your home in one fell swoop. 

Yoga by Jared Rice on Unsplash
Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Your Yoga Space 

If you are living in a confined area and your apartment isn’t as luxurious as you would like it to be, have no fear, you can set up a mobile studio in your living room giving you a reason to shoot down to your local US yoga store and getting that awesome outfit you saw. 

Invest in a yoga ball, a yoga roll up mat and some light weights. You can follow online yoga programs to help you get into the swing of things and when your workout has been completed you can deflate your equipment and pack everything back into your cupboards. 


If you haven’t got the gym space in your home but you do have a slightly larger living area, get yourself a modern treadmill to mount next to your lounge suite. It will look hip and it promotes healthy living, impressing guests by your drive. This doesn’t mean you need to get rid of the yoga equipment, it simply means you should get the treadmill on top of your yoga equipment. 

Balcony Cycle 

If you feel you are more geared toward spinning classes a good idea would be to get yourself a standalone bike which can be mounted on your balcony. If it rains, bring it in or place under a covered area. This gives you a view and being able to look at something will make your spinning time go much faster as there are distractions. 

Weights and Free Running 

If you simply cannot find creative ways to add equipment into your home, take a luxurious jog around the block and do some free weights at home. Mount a mirror in your apartment to make sure your posture is correct during workouts and the benefit of this is that mirrors makes your small apartment look bigger and bigger apartments look more sophisticated.

When your next renovation is in progress, don’t forget to create a recreational space which you can use to exercise your body and improve your mental health also. You don’t need to live in the most luxurious apartment to create this space, but if you can create it in the most luxurious way possible to make friends green with envy. Who knows, you may have just started a trend. 

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