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Healthy and Low Cholesterol Ingredient Choices

by Marquette Turner

in Old Wives Club, Recipes

It’s always good to use healthy options when making a meal, but there doesn’t have to be a trade-off with taste.

Here’s some ideas for you!



Olive oil and grape seed oil are both excellent choices. Grape seed actually contains Omega 3 which is perfect in helping to  combat cholesterol!


Minced turkey breast, minced chicken breast, fish and skinless boneless chicken are your best bets.

Eliminate red meat all together. I know that may be tough for someone who loves burgers and steaks. But here’s another secret, use buffalo (in America) or kangaroo (in Australia) as they are very lean, being low in fat and cholesterol and still having a similar taste of beef. Eliminate the cheese and you’ll still be able to have a burger.


Learn to use spices! spice is what really adds to the meal, especially when cooking with mild meat such as minced chicken. Minced chicken tacos are one example. You’ll taste the taco seasoning (what you love about the taco in the first place) and not even know or care that it’s chicken.


Chicken stock – Learn to use low-sodium chicken stock. It adds a whole lot of flavor to a meal and can be substituted for oils, milk, or water.


Look for recipes that include the words: bake, steam, broil, grill, poach as they indicate a healthier way to cook the meal.

Christine Watson

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