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HEALTH TIPS: Drinking Alcohol Responsibly

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Features, Health, Variety

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Stick to the limits – the best way to stay healthy is not to drink more than the sensible daily limit (2-3 units for a woman, 3-4 units for a man – 1 unit equals 8gm of alcohol).

Eat before you drink – food helps absorb alcohol and limits how quickly what you drink will get into your bloodstream.

Eat while you drink – giving your stomach something other than alcohol also prevents the booze irritating your gut so much as well.

Set a ‘drinking budget’ and stick to it – take only enough money to buy the drinks you decide you want to drink (and a bit more to see you home safe).

Use soft drink ‘spacers’ – alternate between alcoholic and soft drinks. It’ll stop you getting dehydrated and lessen the chance of having a hangover in the morning.

Avoid drinking in rounds – drinking in rounds can mean everyone ends up drinking more than they want to. If you do drink in rounds, order a soft drink from time to time or when it’s your turn to go to the bar.

Don’t drink every day – the human liver is an incredible (and vital) organ. Not only does it deal with all kinds of poisons for us, including alcohol, it can also repair itself. Give yourself a ‘liver detox’ by making sure you have at least 2 alcohol free days every week.

Hit the mixer – dilute your spirit measures with more mixer and you can make each one last longer and drink less across the night.


Source: ‘Binge drinkers risking dementia’ published online bbc.co.uk

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