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Happy American Thanksgiving

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Features, Special Reports, The Real State, Variety

Christine Watson of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes writes:

In Australia, our National Day of Thanksgiving on 30th May, 2009 although it is not a public holiday and is not widely known.

In respect of our USA friends, who will be celebrating Thanksgiving this week (as indeed Marquette Turner Luxury Homes will be – a tradition we started last year), I would like to share the Statement made by our Governor-General, Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce, AC, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia.


“How important it is to spend time in quiet gratitude, and to voice our thanks to those who have earned it.

Our National Day of thanksgiving is a marvelous opportunity to remind ourselves how much we have to be thankful for, and, though we walk through tough times and shadowed valleys, to acknowledge the efforts and contribution of those who walk with and before us.

In 2009 we pay special tribute to our leaders: those elected to serve, and those who emerge within their sectors and communities to offer their insight, guidance and guardianship.

Much is written about what makes a good leader. Years of meditation and dialogue have left with me the incredible conviction that leadership is not to be grasped nor ever taken for granted, but rather esteemed and felt as profound responsibility.

When we see it exercised thoughtfully, carefully, wisely, and well, we cannot help but respect it. When we feel its benefits, we cannot help but be grateful.

I am proud to add mine to the thousands of thanks that this Day affords to our leaders.”

Ms Quentin Bryce AC

Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia

To all of our USA friends – Happy Thanksgiving.

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