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Great Customer Service Does Happen

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Features, Wise Guy

As real estate agents, customer service is one of the areas we believe is imperative to the success of our brand.  Real estate is only one of the industries which relies on customer service.  Unfortunately complaints about customer service (or the lack of it) is ripe within every industry.

Marquette Turner Luxury Homes have recently traveled to USA for the Luxury Real Estate Conference and the Who’s Who In Luxury Awards held in Vail, Colorado.  The two major service industries we’ve had substantial dealings with in the past two weeks are airlines and hotels.  Rarely does anyone have lots of good things to say about these two industries, in fact, quite the opposite.


We would like to compliment The Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch Hotel on not just being a fantastic hotel, but offering such an experience we’ve not had before.  Staff in this wonderful venue are from all around the world and the service each person we have had the pleasure of dealing with, was truly outstanding.  All we have spoken to at the LRE Conference agreed.  Our thanks to all of The Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch for making our stay one of the best hotel experiences we have had.

Traveling internationally can often be fraught with hiccups.  Lost luggage, missed flights, long queues and delays plus grumpy airline staff are all part of the norm we have come to accept (United Airlines take note!).

Australia is such a long way from anywhere and sitting on a plane for a 14 hour flight is not something we enjoy, unless of course we can sit at the pointy end of the plan, which I am yet to experience.  However, my recent trip to Los Angeles, the first leg of the  trip to Vail was a wonderful experience.  I flew V Australia on a 777 plane, which was less than six months old with an outstanding crew.  The service they offered was first class, again something I’ve not experienced for sometime.  Congratulations V Australia.

Great Customer Service Does Happen!

Christine Watson

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