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Google Beats “The Borings”

by Marquette Turner

in Features, Wise Guy

Your last name can be one of life’s great gifts but it can also be a nightmare. To be born with a last name like Trump, Murdoch, Buffett, Clinton or Gates can be the head start you need to an extremely successful and fruitful life. But what if your last name is “Boring”?

Apart from being teased at school it is fair to say that growing up as a “Boring” would be tough. It would also take a reasonable amount of toughness to ensure you are taken seriously and as strange as it sounds – be seen as interesting.

With that in mind Aaron Boring and his wife Christine lost their privacy case against Google after the couple claimed that the “Street View” picture of their house was an invasion of their rights.

Picture 26.png boring.jpg

US Federal Court Judge Amy Reynolds Hay rejected the Borings’ claims and denied them cash damages. When I looked at a photograph of their Pennsylvania home I felt a little disappointed as I was expecting a grand home with sweeping vistas – it all looked a little, well “boring”.

Michael Marquette

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