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Good Causes: “Me To We” & “Free the Children”

by Marquette Turner

in Features, Good Causes

Have you ever wondered, how your lifestyle, the way you vote, shop and think effects your community, your society and your world as a whole? Can one small act today create something much more meaningful tomorrow? Is there a way you can connect with others who have the same desire to make a difference and turn your thoughts of a brighter future into a reality?

For those of you whom like myself are avid “Oprah” watchers have no doubt heard the names Craig and Marc Kielburger. These two young men have accomplished something extraordinary in a relatively short period of time, with the creation of “Me to We” and “Free the Children.” Me to We encourages youth worldwide to rally together, taking action at home to reach out to their peers in impoverished Countries.


With the realization that the youth of the world possessed awe-inspiring passion to help those less fortunate, but often lacked the practical tools to turn their desires into a reality.

The Kielburger brothers, formed “Leaders Today.” Providing education, training, curriculum, overseas trips and resources to empower youth to take action and band together to bring to life their idealistic vision for a better tomorrow.

In no time, schools and health care have been brought to life, meanwhile offering volunteers an eye opening experience and opportunity to connect with communities overseas in places like Kenya, Ecuador, China and more.


The efforts of “Me to We,” go to benefit Marc and Craig’s “Free the Children” foundation bringing the wonders of education to over 50,000 children every day, through over 500 new schools. Hundreds of communities have benefited from its water and sanitation projects, medical resources and alternative income programs.

Free the Children’s success is fuelled by the passion and dedication of millions of youth all around the globe, teaching us that one person can make a vast difference when given the right tools and the inspiration of like minded individuals. It is so incredible to think that by a small donation from so many people all around the world, a school was built, an actual building.

What a feeling it would be to have a hands on roll in building that school, be able to touch the dirt, see the children that would attend and the way your efforts would change their lives. “Me to We” offers the chance to not only financially, but physically assist in the building of new schools and water projects.

For more information on “Me to We” and how you can become a part of this international movement, visit www.metowee.com.  Likewise, visit www.freethechildren.com to discover more.

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