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Good Cause: “Keep a Child Alive”

by Marquette Turner

in Features, Good Causes

It’s pretty difficult to come up with any reason why we all shouldn’t do everything in our power to help children throughout the world. We can make such a difference to young lives by sacrificing so little. The American people are the most generous in the world in terms of philanthropy – generously donating more than 4 times that of the US Government.

I have found a website which really touched me. It’s a simple initiative to help pay for medication for children throughout the world suffering from HIV or AIDS who would otherwise receive no treatment. Many of these children have lost their parents and are orphans and need basic care.


Given the advancement of medicine in the treatment of the virus these children could live long, healthy and productive lives if given the chance to survive. We cannot turn our backs and I hope you are as inspired to help as I am. Around two thirds of the children worldwide receiving treatment for the virus are doing so because the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) is paying for it.

Follow the link to the webpage. I have also put the link to the page on my Facebook site – it’s easy to do for those who can. The link is HERE and my Facebook page is Michael Marquette if you would like to link it to your page as well. The instructions there are pretty easy.

Michael Marquette

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