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Getting the Look of Luxury in Your Kitchen

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Interior Design, Interior Design, Variety

The kitchen has increasingly become one of the most, if not the most, important places in the modern home, and its recent conversion to becoming a communal space where families and friends congregate, means it is the perfect spot to add a touch of luxury.

Spending Wisely

A great deal of emphasis is placed upon using quality materials in a luxury kitchen design, which usually means a large financial outlay, so if a budget is generous but not bottomless, then it is worth focusing on just a few aspects of the overall kitchen design and creating them to be high end, and making wiser, less expensive choices for the rest of the kitchen.

Luxury Kitchens on Pinterest from Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

 Start with the Obvious

It makes sense to spend money on the areas that are immediately apparent, such as the kitchen countertops. A luxury work surface can have a huge impact in a kitchen, and because they cover such a wide surface area, they usually establish the theme and color palette of the whole room. Luxury materials come from nature and include marble, quartz and semi-precious stones, such as agate. Bear in mind, however, that they will require more care and maintenance than cheaper alternatives, but looked after properly they will provide many years of service.

Go Bespoke

Having customized kitchen cabinets will certainly define a kitchen as luxury. It will be necessary to work out how the kitchen is used, so that the cabinetry can be designed in accordance with those functions and preferences. A cost saving can be made in this area, however. Much of the cabinet framework will always be hidden from view and can be constructed from suitable materials, while saving the front pieces, such as doors and handles, for the luxury element, but keeping ornamentation to a minimum.

Luxury Kitchens on Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

Create a Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point and a kitchen is no exception. Help to create an attention grabbing one by the installation of a luxury splash-back. A splash-back can be made of many materials, and can be as colorful as desired. Colored and patterned tiles will always work well, but modern kitchens have also made stainless steel and other metal splash-backs, such as those found at Commerce Metals, a popular choice. Other materials include marble and stone, pebbles, mosaics and even laminate wood. A splash-back need not just be confined to the rear of the stove either, as it can work well along the whole of the available wall space.

Optimize Space

One thing a kitchen needs to be, whether it is luxury or budget, is functional, and it really is a space where less is more. For example, luxury does not mean spending money on expensive appliances that will hardly ever be used, as everything in a kitchen should have a purpose.

There are appliances that are essential for the modern kitchen, an electric oven and gas hob, refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher. Any more than this, and the appliances just become gadgets; even a microwave could be considered superfluous. Do not overcrowd the kitchen space and keep it practical.


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