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Get Rich Quick? Think Again…

by Marquette Turner

in Features, Money & Business

Beware of Alternate Ways of Making Money

When times are tough, those who are struggling can sometimes be so desperate that the promise of getting rich quickly overrides any sense of caution.

Over the years there have been a number of “get rich quick schemes”. We have had Pyramid Schemes, Chain Letters, Gambling Systems, Betting Systems and the one we all became aware of most recently, the Ponzi System.


A new money making venture we recently heard about is Reciprocal Leverage, a computerized process of finding any price anomaly in the World’s sports books. Using a new trading system, the marketing document states you can expect to produce substantial returns. The traders are professionals in the area of world sporting events. This is a window of knowledge not available to the general public.

With only one company in Australia trading the Reciprocal Leverage system, competition is not an issue. They do not need to advertise as business is purely by referral.* Alarm bells should probably be starting by now.

Our sources advised they spoke to a very happy client who had made $30,000 within six months from an initial outlay of $20,000 and asked what did we think of the scheme.

Our thoughts – it is a system of gambling. How many punters do you know who have hit the jackpot or have forgotten to tell you about the large sums of money they have lost to earn a little.

People are most susceptible when there is a sense of despair.

Christine Watson

*PLEASE NOTE: Whilst we are not directly stating that Reciprocal Leverage is not a reputable business, or giving financial advice we are simply suggesting that everyone makes themselves fully conversant with the terms of whatever schemes to which they are investing.

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