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Get Ready for your Freshman Year

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Lifestyle, Variety

Can you believe that the school year is more than halfway through? Your only reaction is Jeez! In a couple of months, I’ll study overseas. Like all the other high school seniors, you are locking your post-grad decision and are happy that you picked an American college. For you, the prospect of being independent and away from home makes you feel free like a bird. But strangely, you’re both excited and terrified. 

It’s all right to have contradictory feelings. You’re entering a new life chapter, leaving your home and parents, and traveling to a new place to learn new things and make new friends. You have all the right to be nervous and enthusiastic. And if you don’t know what to make with all the energy that flows through your veins, here are our recommendations on how to get ready for your freshman year

Image source https://unsplash.com/photos/jHXLV4_3uy4

Find out what courses you’re going to take

All universities and colleges list on their websites the courses students take for each major and minor. You can contact the 美国留学中介 (forwardpathway.com) or e-mail one of your professors if you have questions. Getting a head start of the courses your major provides, saves you a big headache when the college year starts. Early research can also help you identify transferable college credits because you can waive some classes if you have previously accumulated experience. 

Check student feedback when you research classes because they often provide first-year students with information about professors’ preferences, tips, and tricks to get high grades. Always pick the classes students rated with more than three stars because you don’t want to end up in the course of the worst professor in the world. 

Join student groups

Some colleges create social media groups for each major to encourage freshman students to connect and socialize. If you join the group, you can meet your colleagues before heading to college and make an idea of whom to talk to on campus. Through these groups, you can swap social media accounts and usernames and befriend the people who share your passions. Who knows, maybe you can even find a roommate? 

Check what you can bring to your dormitory if you live in the campus

If your college requires all freshman students to live on campus or you may’ve selected this option because you want to have a glimpse of the campus life, you need to know the list of recommended items you need to bring on your first day. The college’s official website provides a complete list of things you’re allowed (or prohibited) to bring on campus. Senior students also share their experience on social media groups to help new students make a comfortable living

A few months before leaving the house, please take notice of the items you use daily because you’ll need them when being away from home. And don’t panic if you forget to pack some minor things and toiletries, you can find them at the local convenience store. 

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