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Funky ways to liven up your living room

by emily

in Variety

Traditional decorating that incorporates earth-tones such as browns, camels, beige, khaki and the like are all safe colours to choose for your living room. These colours are inviting and have a peaceful and charismatic feel to them. We aren’t used to stepping out of comfort zone because we fear that our choices will look hideous. A bold living room that makes a statement uses daring colours in it’s decor and makes very little use of earth shades. A unique, funky style is one that is daring in colour and decor choice.


Paint your furniture


Are you tired of seeing the same dreary old furniture in your living room? Do you wish you could upgrade your lounge suite? Do you want fabulous curtains that pop with colour and patterns?


There are certain curtains that do come cheap, but not so much new lounge suites. The next best thing would be to paint your existing wooden furniture pieces.

A bold new shade of colour that stands out is exactly what you need to bring into your space, especially if you get to do it yourself and have some fun while at it. Painting your coffee table a bright neon colour is just one way of livening up your living room.


Group artwork pieces

Artwork done by kids can look like amazing work from top artists when placed in a beautiful frame. Make their drawings stand out, by making it a decor feature, and also giving them recognition for their artwork. Funky cut-outs from magazines or sketches will look impressive when grouped together on the wall. Different shape and size frames give a fresh and creative look and feel fresh and creative.

Vintage mirrors

If artwork is not your thing, then hang impressive mirrors on the wall that will make great living room features. Mirrors provide the illusion of making your space look bigger than what it actually is. So not not only will it add definition and character but it will also provide you with elegance, for example if you have an old vintage mirror hanging above a piano. The reflection of the mirror will break any dark paint shade, bringing about volumes of abstract lighting.

Cool displays on walls

You can go broad and hang just about anything up the wall to turn int into a cool decor feature. If you are thinking of moving away from the mundane, then have a wacky moment and string up spoons against the wall. Consider hanging plates, old racks, coasters, metal advertising signs or textiles on the wall.


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