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FloodAid Website Helps Australian Flood Victims

by Marquette Turner

in Disaster Aid & Relief, Eco-Living, Good Causes, Variety

“Necessity is the mother of invention”, as the adage goes, and there’s no more focused time to see such a truth in action than in the wake of a disaster.

Similar to the manner in which Bushfire Housing emerged in 2009 to help the thousands of Australian families left homeless by fires in Victoria and New South Wales, so Flood Aid aims to help those affected by the devastating floods that mother nature has created in 2011.

Created by a team of some 30 people spanning nine cities and five continents, Flood Aid aims to be a social resource that can help connect people in need with those who can help. People affected by the 2011 floods in Australia and Brazil can register on the site for help with cleanup — offering supplies or housing, for instance.

Those able to offer assistance, meanwhile, can also register that with the site, whether it’s carpentry skills, a place to sleep or some home-cooked meals. Social media including Facebook and Twitter play a key promotional role in Flood Aid, which puts no limit on the number of offers or calls for help any one user can list.

The site explains: “Floodaid.com.au is not a charity, nor is it a business. We’re not a non-for-profit or an organisation. We’re merely an international group of like-minded people following a vision and combining skills to create a new type of social network with big plans for the future.”

Coming soon from Flood Aid is a suite of mobile apps designed for similar purposes.


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