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Five Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Home (Interactive)

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Interior Design, Security, Variety

With a burglary attempt happening every 15 seconds in the United States, it’s important to prepare your home with basic ways to deter burglars from choosing your home as their next target and to make sure it’s secure enough to keep a burglar out if he tries.

Here are five ways you can burglar-proof your home:

  1. Install Deadbolts. Believe it or not, one out of every three burglaries happens at homes that criminals don’t even have to break into because homeowners didn’t properly lock them.

Of these unlawful entries, 34 percent of criminals got inside homes simply by walking through the front door while 22 percent of them gained entry via the back door.

To prevent burglaries, you have to make it a habit to lock your doors. On top of that, you should install deadbolts to help reinforce existing locks. These additional pieces of hardware aren’t that expensive, either: You can find a good one for less than $25 in the United States.

  1. Buy a Reputable Alarm System. In addition to providing your home with an extra layer of security, alarm systems will also lower your homeowner’s insurance. After all, they were invented to deter crime.

To make sure criminals don’t break into your home – or at least get discouraged once they gain access – you should consider installing a home alarm system.

Nine out of 10 burglars say they won’t enter a home that has an alarm system, so there’s really no reason your home should be without one. Like anything else in life, make sure you buy a quality system. Thanks to today’s technology, you can get systems fitted with cameras you can access remotely through the Internet.


  1. Use Landscaping to Your Advantage. You want your house to look as beautiful as possible. So why not put up some beautiful rose bushes in front of your windows?

Of course, you don’t have to obstruct your views to enjoy enhanced home security. By planting wide bushes in front of your windows, for example, it’ll make it that much harder for someone to try to get inside. However, you don’t want your landscaping to be for a burglar’s advantage. Keep your bushes trimmed below the windowsill so that they don’t have a hiding place as they try to break into your home.

  1. Keep the Lights On. A dark house is essentially an invitation to burglars. So when you head out for the night or on vacation, be sure to leave a light or two on.

If you’re not comfortable with leaving lights on when you’re not using them, consider investing in motion detector lights outside of your home to make sure that no one can get close to your home without someone else knowing they’re there.

  1. Secure Your Possessions. Did you just buy a brand new, expensive television? That’s great, but you certainly don’t want to advertise that acquisition. When you buy new luxury items, don’t leave the boxes out by the curb. Doing so might encourage criminals who patrol neighborhoods to target your home

You should also take additional steps like posing in pictures with your prized possessions, engraving your initials on them, and adding smaller expensive items like jewelry to a secure, hidden safe. Make sure to keep an inventory of some of your more expensive belongings. That way, if they do get stolen you can easily prove the items are your’s if the police recovers them.

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