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Five Great Reasons to Buy a Luxury Condo in Montreal

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Investing in Property, Real Estate Radar, Variety

If you’re considering making a change, why not move to the bustling and cultural centre that is Montreal? With so much that the city has to offer, both in terms of places to live and things to do, it really is no surprise that so many people move there from other areas of Canada and from other countries.

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Buying a luxury condo in Montreal is an even better way to enjoy all of the perks of living in this great city. Below are just five great reasons to buy such a condo in Montreal.

Plenty of Great Amenities in a Luxury Condo

The difference between an ordinary condo and a luxury condo lies in the amount and type of amenities that are included in your purchase. These amenities may include a saltwater pool, sauna, full fitness centre, yoga room, whirlpool, a reception area with a full kitchen, beautifully landscaped grounds that you can relax in, and much more. Others may include pet services, spa centres, mini-golf, upgraded kitchens, your own outdoor space, the most modern décor and furnishings, and much more.

You can decide how extravagant you want your condo’s amenities to be, but one thing is for certain when you are purchasing a luxury condo: you will definitely get more than you would get with an average condo, so the extra investment is definitely worthwhile.

Montreal Has Culture, Art, and a Fantastic Nightlife

Young people who are just getting their start will really enjoy living in Montreal, especially if they are in search of a busy city that not only offers plenty of job opportunities, but also has plenty of culture of its own. In fact, many artists, musicians, and creative people flock to Montreal in order to hone their skills and become successful doing what they love.

Plus, if you are looking for plenty of entertaining things to do at night, Montreal has a bustling nightlife that makes it easy to head out and have some fun on the weekend after a long week of working hard.

It’s an Eco-Friendly City, and You Don’t Need a Car

If you want to live in a biker-friendly city where you don’t even need your own car to get around, Montreal is a great option. There, you can find a host of public transportation options to get to wherever it is that you need to be, whether you’re headed out for a night on the town or you’re making your work to work each day.  It’s a great eco-friendly city.

An Affordable Cost of Living

Once you invest in your luxury condo, you can enjoy an affordable cost of living in Montreal. Compared with Ontario, this city is much more affordable and you still get many of the same perks.

Fun Festivals

People in Montreal love coming together throughout the year to participate in really fun festivals, such as Igloofest in the winter and Jazz Fest in the summer. These festivals simply add to the already extensive list of things to do, and they’re an ideal time to head out and enjoy the company of others in your community.

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