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First Things to Consider When Looking for an Office Space

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in commercial real estate, Variety

If you are on the hunt for the perfect office space, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Where should you be located? How much do you want to spend and how big should the property be?

When you are looking around, there are more than just those three points to factor in. Let’s take a look at some of the first things you should consider when you are looking for an office space.

office space

The Influence of the Location

Location can be vital when establishing an office space. It can affect how often the public sees it and if it is too difficult for clients to get to. So whether you are looking for office space in the USA in general, a specific location such as New York City office space or somewhere in a small town, take the location into consideration.

Pay attention to the safety rate of the neighborhood. Cheap rent compared to similar places in other locations can be a red flag that the area is not ideal. Also, are there other services in the area like transit, coffee shops or restaurants that employees and clients can easily access? These are all things to think of for the location of the space.

Do Your Research

If you have a space in mind, do as much research as possible about it. Know the ins and outs of the property, the outside space included. Who is the owner of the property and will they be okay to work with?

Your research should include visiting the property, possibly more than once. Have the landlord show you around so you can ask any questions you may have. Make sure you can see everything about your potential new office space.

Is it Accessible?

The accessibility of your office space is a significant factor to consider. It shouldn’t be accessible just to you, but to anyone else who may walk through the front doors. Accessibility should include parking spaces, delivery access, public transportation and ways for people with physical disabilities to enter. The more accessible the office space is, the better the property will be successful for your needs.

The Condition of the Structure

Take a good look at the overall structure. Make notes of any damages you may see that will need to be repaired. Also, note any renovations you may need to do to get the space to work for your business. Get as much information about the history of the building to see the condition of everything you cannot see.

Not only that, make sure you and the landlord are on the same page for repairs and renovations. Who is in charge of footing the bill if something breaks? What if you need to tear down or put up walls for more offices?

These four points are a starting point for what to consider when you search for an office space. You want the area to be in an ideal location for customers and clients, all while being a safe and comfortable building for you and your employees to work in.

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