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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

by Marquette Turner

in Design & Trends, Real Estate Radar

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is devoted to rebuilding families’ homes when the family is in need of new hope. The family will then be sent off on a one-week vacation while the house is renovated or demolished, depending on its condition and the family’s needs. (One episode in season three did not include a vacation because the family’s daughter was in isolation at a local hospital).

Beginning with Season 3 the demolitions have become quite creative — the team has used falling trees, tanks, and even monster trucks to accomplish the task where needed.

Consistently in the top ten programs in the US, this emotive reality series follows the transformation of a family’s house, including all rooms, exterior and landscaping. The home is made over by the team in seven days and is hosted by Ty Pennington, formerly a carpenter on the show Trading Spaces (similar to Changing Rooms in Australia).

The show is one of America’s top-rated series and has become more popular than the original Extreme Makeover. It has won back-to-back Emmy Awards as Best Reality Program and is in its 4th season.

Coming to W. Channel in January.

Simon Turner, Marquette Turner

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