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Sydney Real Estate Agent Michael Marquette does Gray’s Anatomy (Expose part 3)

by Marquette Turner

in Expose, Features, Marquette Turner, Michael Marquette

My path to Luxury Real Estate has been strange to say the least. I never once thought of being a real estate agent or broker during my childhood and in fact had rarely met anyone involved in real estate.

The very first job I thought I wanted to do was be a Judge. I was about 5 years old and I have no idea where that idea was born as neither my parents nor family members were Judges. I thought it would be fun to lock criminals away and obviously this was a young and naïve thought process because I didn’t understand that you would first need to become a Solicitor/Attorney or Barrister and work your way through the ranks.

When I realized this the novelty quickly wore off because I just wanted to wear the robes, wig and have the hammer that the Judge banged on the Bench.

The second thing I remember wanting to do was be a Doctor – an orthopedic surgeon actually and that was the case from about the age of 11. I played rugby league and liked the idea of working with sporting teams. I worked hard at school and was accepted into Medical School at the University of Newcastle where I successfully completed 2 years of study.


What I thought was going to be one year off to earn some money and release the pressure of full time study turned into a life changing career decision, but the story was only just beginning with still just over 5 years to go until I would finally make my way to real estate.

Michael Marquette

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