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Sydney Real Estate Agent Michael Marquette: Michael Reveals…About Exam Time (Expose part 4)

by Marquette Turner

in Expose, Features, Marquette Turner

I was having a laugh with Simon Turner today about one of the crazy things that meant so much to me at school. We were discussing the Alexa rankings for the marquetteturner.com website (which are doing very well right now) and they basically rank your website in terms of views and traffic worldwide and within specific countries.

I also love to see the results update (they update daily) and this usually happens early hours of the morning Eastern Australian time. The funny thing is that by the time the results for the previous day are released I cannot change them but that doesn’t change my obsession with being the first to see them.

This same sort of obsession was evident in my School days in Newcastle where I completed High School at Lambton High which is a non selective Government or State owned school. There were just over 100 students in my final school year and they were a wonderful group of people and we had a lot of fun. That didn’t mean that we all weren’t competitive when it came to exam time and to be at the top of the class was the ultimate aim.


We all had vast and varied ambitions with some wanting to go onto study at University and others wanting to earn some money by finding a job in quick time. My favourite subject at school was Legal Studies and I was placed in the top 10 of the State (NSW), yet the most competitive subjects were mathematics and economics.

The results from each exam were handed back in one of two ways – from first to last or from last to first. The funny remarks that we would make to each other were priceless as we tried to get the upper hand. I had dinner with a group of girls from my old economics class in 2008 and one of the first laughs we had was about the time I was beaten by one of them in an economics exam. It wasn’t a thrashing by any stretch but still 14 years later I was reminded of that exam.

We had a great night catching up at dinner and exchanged endless stories and spent plenty of time reminiscing. I guess some things never change – I was competitive then and am still the same now. I have definitely mellowed over the years but there is still plenty of fire in my belly. It’s all a bit of fun to look back on.

Michael Marquette

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