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Sydney Real Estate Agent Christine Watson – Playing “Hooky”…Mum’s The Word! (Expose part 5)

by Marquette Turner

in Expose, Marquette Turner

While talking to my son James recently  we were discussing the number of people who do not attend university lectures. This got me thinking. How often have I not attended a class that I should be present at. I recall only a couple of times, and the one that I think is special, involved my Grandfather.

I was a kid in primary school living in Goolwa. I can’t recall my age, but I suspect I was around 10 years old. My Grandfather, Cyril had recently retired and his dream was to be a captain of a boat taking tourists to The Coorong from Goolwa Harbour.

He bought a boat named “The Sinbad” and as it required substantial work, he lived in a historical houseboat named the “Captain Sturt” which enabled him to work on the Sinbad. He usually had his meals with us and often drove my brother and I to school.


Christine – “The Cruise Director” (!?!)

My Grandfather was a “character” to say the least. He was a very large man and had the personality to match. He was loved by everyone.

Once the Sinbad was ready, Grandfather invited his old work colleagues on a cruise, to ensure everything worked to perfection. To do this, he needed someone to organise food and hospitality. That was my job!

My Grandfather had breakfast with us one morning and offered to take me to school. And off we went on my first “hooky” adventure!

I was the chef/hospitality director on his cruiser. I cooked, waitered, cleaned and felt like a million dollars being part of Grandfather’s first cruise, which was his test run before opening up to the general public.

Mum was the word when I got home and it took nearly 20 years before this big secret came out.

Christine Watson

Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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