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Exclusive Offer: 15% Discount off Elan Collection Shared Interest Residences

by Marquette Turner

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The fantastic Elan Collection vacation home’s available through Marquette Turner Luxury Homes, have just become more enticing.

Available until 31 December 2010, we are able to offer our client’s a 15% discount off the price for shared interest ownership in all the Elan residences.  With opportunities starting at $679,150 USD before the bonus, this is fantastic news.

You can view some of the wonderful properties on MarquetteTurner.com, such as a wonderful property on the infamous Pebble Beach Golf Course in California and a 2-storey penthouse with 360 degree views of Las Vegas, as well as referring to the Elan Private Residence Club website where all the properties available to you at this exclusive offer.

Read more about Fractional Ownership and see the properties amongst The Elan Collection.

The wonderful 17 Mile Drive property at the iconic Pebble Beach Golf Club


The Élan Collection is a distinguished luxury Private Residence Club where world-class travellers can own a shared interest in an elegant residence in some of the most sought after destinations around the world and benefit from an exclusive internal private exchange network

These luxury fractional residences have the amenities to make all your dreams come true and go beyond all expectations.

Each Élan fractional home is a single property owned by the individual owners, or a unique partnership of the owners, if applicable. The individual owners carry an individual deed in their name, which is recorded in the property records and can be transferred, willed, gifted and/or re-sold. The individual fractional owners own the entire home in-perpetuity and that is its sole purpose – even if Élan should fall on hard times, the residence remains intact and in the possession of the owners.

"The Coral House" in the Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies

The flexibility of the single residence concept enables Élan to buy some of the most exclusive private properties with confidence, and create value for our owners in some of the most luxurious properties in the world. Usage is flexible and assures that our owners get equal opportunity to vacation when they want, and there is a comprehensive reciprocal trade opportunity with other Élan owners in their worldwide properties.




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