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Everything your at-home office needs

by emily

in Design & Trends

Working from home with a flexible schedule allows one to find a balance between life and work. As amazing as that sounds, it’s not as simple as setting up your laptop on your lap as you cosy up on the couch with a movie on in the background.

The goal is to get the job done as efficiently (if not more) than you would if you were at the office. Working from home is not an opportunity that should be taken for granted. If you want to do it right, you’re going to need to set up an at-home office with all the essentials.  

A designated space

Let’s start with the basics. You’re going to need a designated office space. Somewhere you won’t be disturbed or easily distracted by your surroundings and a space that can be deemed off-limits for everyone else in the house.

If there’s anything that’s going to help you get into the mindset of working professionally while you’re in the comfort of your own home, it’s through a designated office space. Once you have that, you need to focus on finding equipment and furniture to put inside of it.

A desk and chair

An office is not an office with a desk and office chair. Now, since this is your home and you already have an established interior design style, you don’t need to stick to bulky office chairs and clinically white desks.

Find office furniture that complements the space and that is comfortable enough for you to operate from. Consider the ergonomics of the desk’s height to your chair and the height at which your laptop or computer screen will be situated. You have the benefit of making sure you’re happy with your desk and office chair so take your time to find the right fit for your home office.


Your desk may come with a few drawers for storage but you’re going to need more storage space than that. As this is your office, you will need to keep your own files and won’t be able to rely on the storage or filing systems of a corporate office.

Storage is also an important aspect for keeping this space organised and appropriate for doing work in. Find a cabinet or chest of drawers that you can use for lever arch files, documents, extra stationery and other odds and ends that one would usually find in an office.


Every office has electronic devices from which work is conducted and your home office is no exception.

  • Laptop or computer: If you’re working from home, you probably rely on a computer to complete your tasks and communicate with your company and clients. You need to find a good quality laptop or computer that can be solely for work and business matters. Laptops are great to have for the days when you feel like you need a change of scenery. You might then consider an extra monitor to work from that will provide more or a larger screen space for everyday work use. And it will be a bonus if you can find laptop and cellphone deals to choose from, that will cover your work phone situation.  
  • Cell phone: You don’t need your personal phone being bombarded with work emails, client calls and photographs from site or projects you’re currently working on. It’s always a good idea to have a designated work phone to keep home and work separate.   
  • Printer: Every office needs a printer with copying and scanning abilities as well. Working from home will require these types of equipment for contract correspondence and filing purposes.

These expenses can add together quickly, so your best option would be to buy your electronic appliances on credit and pay them off as you earn money from working from home.  


Your office needs light. If you’re going to need to focus, you need to be able to see and not be drawn to your bed in the other room due to dim lighting and the relaxing atmosphere of your house.

Choose a room with enough windows to bring in natural light and have strong LED bulbs installed to use on cloudy days. If you need to work in the evenings, have a desk lamp to focus on your working station and not be as harsh as a room lit up by LEDs.


And, lastly, your office needs an element of comfort. This can be in the form of couches as extra seating. If you need to take a step away from the desk (as most people do in any traditional office), being able to lounge on a couch with your coffee will be a good breakaway without distracting you with the option of watching TV like the couches in the lounge. This is also your chance to find Mink blankets available for sale and buy them for cold days or as a decorative throw on your new office seating.

It’s a part of your house so it’s allowed an element of comfort. Just don’t make it too comfortable that you become too lazy to work after all the effort you’ve put into making this the perfect at-home office.

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