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Everything you need for a guest house kitchen

by emily

in Design & Trends, Interior Design

Running a guest house can be at once both exciting and daunting. You need to ensure that your guests are happy and comfortable in their rooms and that every one of their needs are met. This means that you will need to include those little extras in every room of your guest house, including the kitchen.

If you know that you will be having many guests sharing the same kitchen, you should look for urns so that there is always enough hot water for tea and coffee. For those who are not sure where to even start with planning a guest house kitchen, below are some top tips on everything you need for a guest house kitchen.

Wake up and smell the coffee

Your guests will most likely want to be able to make their own coffee and tea while staying at your guest house. This means that you will need to include a kettle, a coffee machine and a teapot. If you are going to have a communal kitchen, be sure to look for urns for sale in Cape Town so you can provide enough water for everyone to use.

You should also provide an array of basic coffee and tea products, such as a good brand of instant coffee, a plain tea and a herbal option as well as brown and white sugar and sweeteners. Be sure to stock up on fresh milk and offer lactose-free options for those who need it. Have some pretty mugs and teacups ready for guests to use and don’t forget the sugar spoons. Your guests will appreciate those small extra touches.

The most important meal of the day

Many guesthouses, including those that are self-catering, offer some standard breakfast options for those staying there. This can include something as simple as a variety of healthy breakfast cereals or something more unique like a basket full of baked goods to enjoy.

You do not have to provide an elaborate spread but it will show your guests that you care and will encourage them to return to your guesthouse again. Be sure to provide options that even people with special dietary restrictions can eat, such as gluten-free muffins and oats and vegan treats. This way everyone can enjoy the food and face the day feeling happy and energised.

Preparation is key

Some of the most important accessories in a kitchen include knives, spoons, spatulas and other preparation tools. Your guests will appreciate having these at hand, so be sure to stock at least the basics of a paring knife, a chef’s knife, a serrated knife and a bread knife.

You should also include separate chopping boards for meat and vegetables. Be sure to sharpen the knives regularly between guest visits so that the knives are not dull. Other essential preparation accessories include spatulas, a whisk and a fruit and vegetable peeler. Because your guests will be arriving at your guesthouse without any cooking equipment, you will need to ensure that you have the right tools for them to use throughout their stay there.

Pots and pans for perfect meals

You can’t cook anything without a pot or pan, so be sure to provide these to your guests as well. Look for non-stick pots and pans so that cleaning is easier and their food will not stick or burn when cooking.

You should also provide a variety of sizes of pots and pans so that guests can cook a diverse array of foods. This is also handy if there are only two people staying at your guest house, as they will not need a huge pot to cook a meal for two. To save on time when cooking, you could look for urns for sale in Cape Town for guests to use for boiling water for dishes such as pasta or for boiling vegetables.

Dish it up

Crockery and cutlery are probably some of the most important items to have in your guest house kitchen. You will need to have at least eight dinner plates, side dishes, bowls and mugs for guests to use. Be sure to buy a matching set so it looks professional and not as though you are simply providing them with your own unwanted dishes.

You should also provide serving dishes, so your guests can serve meals to their family at the table or have a lazy lunch dipping into a platter while watching a film. Here you can be more creative and choose a brightly coloured and patterned dish. Cutlery wise, be sure to have at least double the amount you think you will need.

The gathering place of the home

The kitchen is the gathering place and heart of the home. Here, your guests will catch up with one another after a long day out exploring and will spend time creating delicious meals and memories with their family.

Looking for urns for sale in Cape Town will ensure that your guests always have water to make coffee with. Include all of the kitchen essentials you have in your own home kitchen and you will have happy guests and return customers.

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