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Europe’s Tallest Residential Tower

by Marquette Turner

in Design & Trends, Luxury is..., Real Estate Radar, Variety

Istanbul is fast becoming the cosmopolitan city of the moment, and the construction of Sapphire goes to show that this is a city on the move.

Billed as Europe’s tallest residential real estate tower (which is a little perplexing given Turkey’s entry into the European Union is currently the subject of debate), it nonetheless is an impressive effort. When finished it will reach 261 metres, and include 54 floors. There are 22 different options of residences, ranging from 120m² – 1100 m².

There are indoor gardens at various levels, and every 10th floor is designed as recreation areas, such as a golf practice area at 163 meters with a great Bosphorus River view or a swimming pool at 33.5 metres overlooking Istanbul.

Simon Turner

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