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Essential Moving Resources to Help Anyone Save Money

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in DIY, Lifestyle, Moving Home, Variety

We all know how stressful moving to a new place can be, even when you are doing an in city or in state move. Moving also is associated with being expensive because basic things seem to add up quickly. Today, we are sharing some essential moving resources to help anyone save money.


The best way to save money when moving is to sell the things that you do not need. Craigslist is a great resource for getting rid of things in a hurry. Below, you can find some ways to use craigslist to get rid of unwanted items quickly.

  • Community – If you are having a yard sale, go to the community section on craigslist for your local city and surrounding cities and post the details of your yard sales. Many people love attending yard sales and you can have a nice turnout at your event just by sharing it online.
  • For Sale – If you go through your items early enough before your move, you can list them individually in the for sale section on Craigslist. Interested buyers can contact you directly and you get cash for your unwanted stuff. Additionally, under the for sale category you will find a “Free” sub section, which allows you to list the items that you were unable to sell for free, so those in need can come and take the items off of your hands.

Overall, Craigslist is the #1 moving resource because you can make money selling unwanted items, give away the rest of the items, and if you go under the gig section, you can even find handymen to help you move for an affordable price.

Moving home


Pinterest is a wonderful resource to help you save money during your move too. This site allows you to come across various money-saving hacks that can be extremely useful for your move. For example, you can find hacks for having more space in the moving truck and even how to save money when moving cross-country. Overall, whatever questions you have, Pinterest has the answer for you, and since this is a photo site, they have photographic proof to prove the suggested method works. Keep in mind, Pinterest can be addicting, so do not go looking for moving advice if you have other things that you should be taking care of that are more important.

Local Stores

Some people think they need to spend tons of money purchasing boxes. However, if you check with your local stores, they usually have boxes that are in excellent condition that they would love to give you for free. We understand that your valuables have to be protected when in boxes; however, this does not mean you have to spend more money on the boxes than the value of the items going inside. Check around with your local stores first and you may be surprised with what you find. You can search online for local movers and help narrow down your choices based on customer reviews.

Now, we have discussed three essential resources that will save you money when moving. Do you have any resources that you feel should make our list?

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