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Eco-Living – The Growing Concept of Green Homes in India

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Architecture, Design & Trends, Eco-Living, Real Estate Radar, Variety

Many a times we hear the words ‘green homes’ and wonder how homes can be green.  For eco-living, green homes are smartly designed properties constructed in a special way that they demand least maintenance in the long run.  The overall damage caused to the environment is minimal and the dwellers remain healthy. India is a huge country with its population rising at an exponential rate. The number of people is increasing and so are their demands for better homes and amenities, hotels, shopping malls and commercial complexes. And with resources running out and needs still on the rise, eco-friendly properties is an emerging solution to this situation.

Why Go Eco-Friendly?

If you live in a luxury home and feel you don’t need to go eco-friendly, think again. On an average, you would be wasting about a liter of water while brushing your teeth every day, adding up to a huge amount of water over an entire year. Living in a plush villa with several rooms, do you often forget to switch off the lights in that corner room? How will the environment sustain wastage of this magnitude? Either we can mend our ways or adopt eco-friendly ways while setting up our abode. Green homes help us avoid excessive wastage. Today, even the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is promoting the phenomenon of green buildings. A combination of high technology and innovative green ideas can address India’s growing needs of energy and water.

Eco-Living - Go Green

Advantages of Living in Green Homes

There are umpteen benefits of green properties. They help conserve water, save energy and recycle waste. They even promote efficient utilization of natural resources like fresh air and natural light. Many residential projects are increasingly adopting latest technology for the optimum utilization of available resources and reduction of dependence on external sources for water and energy. All these means are being adopted not only to simplify living and save money, but also to decrease the effect of global warming.

Real Estate in India

Real estate builders in India have started using greener practices like waste management and rain water harvesting in their latest residential ventures. They are emphasizing on the usage of eco-friendly construction material such as fly-ash cement and blocks, recycled aluminum, bamboo based products and green roofing products.

Your Responsibility as a Homeowner

As the owner of a luxurious home, you can contribute towards a healthier environment by using technology to your advantage. There are several technological systems available which can be installed in your homes to make them eco-friendly. You can invest in energy saving air conditioners, water saving solutions, high performance glass windows, composting toilets and home automation systems wherein you can control the activities taking place inside your house simply with the click of a button.

Additionally, you can also plant more trees around your house and maintain a quaint garden or place potted plants under the porch. You can also consider bringing some greenery inside the house.

Home Automation Systems

Home automation is like the residential extension of building automation. It empowers homeowners with the centralized control of lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, appliances, doors and other security locks. This technological advancement has been introduced to provide comfort, convenience, security and to save energy. Also, home automation is a boon for the disabled and the elderly and can provide better quality of life for those who may otherwise depend on institutional care or on the presence of caregivers.

Using Solar Energy

Large homes also require complete building management systems for higher efficiency. To make your house environment friendly you can consider tapping solar energy to transform your house into a green home. This way, you will be able to obtain energy from the environment, store it and then use it as and when required. This energy helps cater to the needs of electricity and heating. An article featured in Forbes discussed about a Mumbai resident making good use of solar power to light up sixty lights and a computer through a single solar panel, saving 300 units of grid electricity or Rs. 2,100 every month. Today, these savings are much more!

A Luxury Villa with Solar Power Panels fitted on the roof

The Rating System for Green Properties

The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has set up a system of rating green properties. To rate real estate on the basis of eco-friendliness, IGBC will assess a building’s infrastructure, waste management, eco-friendly design, water storage and natural resource conservation systems. Adopting eco-friendly means while building homes and installing systems in support of environment conservation will not only help conserve natural resources but also lay the foundation for a healthier lifestyle and help save money.

With the number of residential projects rising at a phenomenal rate and with concretization looming large, there is good reason to switch to eco-friendly homes. This is India’s answer to the ever increasing demand for energy created due to the rampant construction of properties.

Author bio: Devika Arora has been writing resourceful articles for the avid readers who wish to learn more about Indian real estate. The above article by Devika discusses about green homes in India. Ample research has been done in order to compile the given data and present the overview.

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