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Eco-Friendly Garden Furniture

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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There are many ways to go green in the garden. You can make your own organic fertilizer, abstain from pesticides, grow your own veggies, and plant a few trees. If you’re environmentally conscious when it comes to your yard, you’ll want to make sure this principle carries through to your garden furniture as well.

Use recycled material

A lot of the things we throw into the bin is recyclable – things like aluminium cans and glass. Supporting recycling initiatives by buying recycled products will save energy, reduce pollution, and conserve natural resources. It’s not difficult to find outdoor furniture made from recycled material, such as plastic, that looks good and lasts for years.

Eco-Friendly and Eco-Living articles on Marquette Turner

Use sustainable material

While recycled plastic certainly does its bit for the environment, sometimes you want that authentic wooden feel. Wooden furniture can be green, so long as it’s made out of sustainable sources of wood. When you buy garden furniture, check with the manufacturer or supplier that the pieces are made from sustainable timber and that the manufacturing process supports eco-friendly practices.

Reuse your furniture

One of the greenest practices you can do regarding furniture is to simply reuse the items you already have. Say for instance you have an old table sitting in storage, or simply being unused in its current capacity inside the house. Why not give it a fresh life as outdoor furniture? If you don’t have anything laying around that you can reuse, go to your local second-hand furniture shop and see what you can salvage. A furniture piece that shows a bit of wear and tear might not be ideal for inside your home, but it would be perfect for the garden.

A fun tip: paint an outdoor chair or bench in a bright colour, like a cheerful yellow or playful purple. (Just remember to use non-toxic paint). The piece will add a fun splash of colour to the yard.

Eco-Friendly and Eco-Living articles on Marquette Turner

Recycle your wooden garden furniture

Perhaps you have wooden garden furniture that can no longer be used, whether because your dogs have finally chewed through one of the legs, or because it’s seen just one too many winters. No need to throw it out – simply transform it into something else. For instance, you could put up a small divider around your veggie patch. A wooden bench will provide ample spare wood. Or perhaps you can make a photo frame. Be as creative as you want, and enjoy the fact that you’re recreating pieces without having to buy anything new.

That’s the thing with going green. Reusing and recycling your furniture isn’t only good for the environment, it is very often good for your wallet as well.

Author Bio

Emily Apple - Guest author for Marquette Turner Luxury Homes
Emily Apple is a freelance writer, artist and jewellery designer. She has a deep-set love for the beautiful things in life and a passion for interior decorating. Her home in Cape Town, South Africa is a tribute to her love for art, entertaining and relaxation.

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