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Easy Upgrades – 5 Simple Ways To Reinvent Your Kitchen

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Features, Variety

A kitchen remodel doesn’t have to be drastic to be dramatic. You don’t even need to be particularly handy to make upgrades that make a big difference in how your kitchen looks and functions. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we view our homes, with the kitchen being a multi-purpose hub now than ever. From meal prep and dining to working from home and doing homework, today’s kitchen needs to step up to the challenge. 

If you’re looking to give your kitchen a facelift, check out these easy upgrades that will reinvent this communal space: 

1. Replace the Cabinets

Is your kitchen lacking a fresh, clean feel? Maybe there are too many wood-stained cabinets that make the space seem dark and uninspired. You’re in luck because this is the perfect setting for creating something spectacular. 

Begin by replacing some of the cabinets with open shelving. This allows you to shop for dishes and cookware online that can double as décor and usable pieces. Finish the look by painting the walls a light neutral shade and any remaining cabinets with a bold pop of color. 

Kitchen – Photo by Becca Tapert Unsplash

2. Extend the Cabinets to the Ceiling

If your kitchen is dark and dreary, give it the bright makeover it’s screaming for by painting the walls and cabinets white. To complete the cohesive design, use plywood and molding to extend the cabinets all the way to the ceiling. This kitchen upgrade not only adds storage space but also creates a built-in cabinet feel that’s bold and dramatic. 

3. New Drawer and Cabinet Pulls

Sometimes little details end up having the biggest impact. Simply changing the drawer and cabinet pulls in your kitchen can be enough to make the change you need. 

Try getting creative with this project by using different but complementary pulls for the drawers compared to the cabinets, or choosing different handles for the upper cabinets than the lower cabinets. Replacing the pulls in your kitchen and getting creative with the project is a great way to add interest and charm to the room. 

4. Replace the Faucet

Your kitchen sink sees a lot of activity, so why not make it a user-friendly place? Changing the current faucet to something taller or smarter can really boost your kitchen’s useability. 

Today’s smart faucets can be controlled with a multitude of devices including Alexa, Google Home, and even your smartphone. They offer hands-free functionality, which can come in handy in many situations. 

If your budget doesn’t allow for a smart faucet, consider at least replacing your current one with a taller version complete with a sprayer. These faucets make washing dishes and preparing meals so much easier – you’ll wonder how you ever did it without one!

5. Paint the Walls

Paint is an easy and inexpensive way to give any space a fresh look. Today’s paint colors are bolder and brighter than ever, and in most cases, anything goes as an accent wall. Feel free to let your personality shine as you decide on paint colors to upgrade your kitchen space. If you choose a dark color for an accent wall, be sure to choose a light neutral to offset the darkness and create interesting contrast and dimension. 

Kitchens are often multi-purpose rooms these days, which is why many people feel the need to update the space with a fresh style and modern functionality. If you’re thinking of updating your kitchen, the ideas listed above are sure to reinvent the space.  

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