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Eastern Luxury: Bathroom Inspirations

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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Home improvement trends are rapidly increasing, and indeed home deco in its entirety is an important aspect of our daily lives. Be it our contemporary living rooms, top of the range kitchens, elegant lounges, extravagant TV rooms or luxurious bathrooms, we all strive to choose a style that provides us with comfort and style. But have you ever thought how wonderful it would be to return home after a hard day at work to soak in a hot, luxuriously relaxing bath, in Middle Eastern style? One straight out of some Arabian Night dream? Spa experts Design for Leisure have compiled a list of bathroom ideas inspired by the Middle Eastern extravagantly luxurious bathrooms:

Eastern Luxury Bathroom Inspiration on Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

The Turkish Hammam Style Bathroom:

Turkish baths are well known throughout the world not for their luxurious styles but also for their intense cleansing and relaxation. As such, Turkish bathrooms are not designed for materialistic luxury but more for the spiritual luxury, therefore, most Turkish bathrooms are designed in basic white marble or stone tiles, with large Jacuzzi style baths presenting the main attraction of the room. Spiritual luxury is paramount to the Turkish bathing experience, this tradition is derived from the Greek and Roman times.

Hammam Style 2 on Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

How to achieve a Turkish Hammam Style:

Because Turkish bathrooms are so simplistic in design, this style is easy to incorporate in any home. A Turkish bathroom inspired design involves white marble or stone tiles throughout the room, add a few sheer white silk curtains around a large marble or limestone bathtub and basin. To get the true feel of a Turkish bath, add a shower cubicle that operates as a steam room too, this will give a true Turkish bath experience, which involves a combination of cold and hot temperatures to cleanse the body thoroughly. Guaranteed to give you an intensely luxurious bathing experience.

Hammam Style Bathroom 3 on Marquette Turner Luxury Homes
Egyptian- natural stone Style:

The Egyptian bathrooms are well known for their natural stone, glass mosaics and Egyptian motif art, mainly in a combination of beiges, blues and golds; combined together these features give the Egyptian bathrooms an anciently luxurious look, as well as a feeling of bathing deep in the heart of the pyramids.

Egyptian Style Bathroom on Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

How to achieve an Egyptian Bathroom Style

By using beige natural stone tiles throughout the room, ceiling, walls and floor, with a combination of different textures, a perfectly arranged scattering of glass mosaic tiles (in beige/gold and blue) one can achieve a bathroom in the ancient Egyptian style. To make it more authentic looking, why not add a scattering of some ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic writing? Or, explore your artistic talents by drawing or painting Egyptian art on some of the walls; drawings of pharaohs and pyramids are renowned styles of Egyptian art deco.

To finish the look, use a limestone bath in white in the middle of the room, natural stone basin or even limestone basin with gold taps and a scattering of blue mosaic tiles. The ancient Egyptian culture identified gods by the color blue, which is why it is a very popularly used color in Egypt.  And let’s not forget to add the famously used Egyptian cotton towels and bathrobes. This is sure to make you feel like you’ve been transported to the heart of the pyramids in Egypt!

The Exotic Arabian Inspired Bathroom:

The countries of Sheikhs and sultans, exotic wall hangings, colorful tapestry, glowing lanterns and extravagant lifestyles offer amazing bathroom ideas. Forget going abroad on expensive holidays, an Arabian style bathroom is, in itself, a peaceful get away. The Arabian home deco styles consist of reds and golds and extravagantly spacious rooms and you can get one easily with the help of an interior design company like Boscolo.

Arabian Style bathroom 1 on Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

How to achieve the exotic Arabian bathroom style:

The Arab countries are among the wealthiest countries in the world and as such their home deco styles reflect their extravagant living styles. For example, the Sultan of Brunei, Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, is famously known for his extravagant taste, specifically his love of gold; rumor has it that his bathroom is entirely made in gold!

Gold, red and orange are the commonly used colors in Arabian style bathrooms as they represent wealth, passion and prosperity. However, Arabian style bathrooms are not only designed to show off wealth but the Arab culture gives cleanliness and purity a high status and therefore their bathrooms are the most important rooms in their abode and are the most lavishly decorated rooms. They reflect religious, cultural and spiritual cleanliness from inside out. So if you want to adopt an Arabian lifestyle, then prepare to be lavish.

Using a beige or gold color throughout the room, a few colorfully exotic hanging lanterns, some silkily soft sheer cloth screens surrounding a Jacuzzi sized elegant bathtub with gold taps and some randomly scattered, colorfully embroidered tapestry, any home can achieve the Arabian style bathroom. Let’s not forget to add a touch of some Arabian melodious music!  Definitely guaranteed to give you the exotic and luxurious bathing experiences.

Wrap Up

There you have it, my somewhat short list of Middle Eastern bathroom inspirations, guaranteed to give you a luxuriously relaxing bathing experience. Such styles are not difficult to implement and achieve and would brighten up any bathroom as well as introduce some Middle Eastern culture!

Author Bio

John Miller, a regular contributor on various home improvement and design websites and online publications, is passionate about interior design and is always looking at new and different interior design ideas.

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