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Ease Yourself Into 2008

by Marquette Turner

in Real Estate Radar

Christmas and new year celebrations have come and gone, as have the decorations, family, and hopefully any hang-overs!

Now it’s time to get back into it, and it wouldn’t be so surprising if there’s more than a few people out there who are not exactly jumping out of bed in the mornings to hurry off to work, after seeing what a good couple of days or weeks off feels like!

Here are our tips to ease yourself back into work life, if you’re feeling a little less than enthused.

Be measured
If you spent a lazy week on a beach in Queensland, jumped on a plane, and were at work bright and early the next morning, no wonder you’re feeling a little worse for wear! Or, if you just had to go to every late night party on offer over the Christmas break, and then expected to be able to turn your body clock around in the blink of an eye, I’m sure you had another think coming!

Recognise that you over-indulged and lived completely differently from normal – hey, it’s called a holiday! – and take your time getting back into your everyday life. Perhaps try to keep your working hours shorter for the first week. Ultimately, however, don’t punish or expect too much from yourself.

Engage yourself.
Find a project that you can get into straight away. Something a little bit exciting or different from your normal work routine. If you have something to work on, and an end result to look forward to, it can make taking your mind off other things a lot easier.

See the lessons.
It’s hardly surprising if you rediscovered how nice it is to enjoy taking time off. Let this be a lesson for you. In your first spare five minutes, sit down with your diary and work out when you’re going to take your next real break. Let’s face it – if you wait too long before planning your next holiday, you’ll lose interest and just not do it at all!

And, most of all, remember that being at work is what enables you to afford to take holidays in the first place! So, get set for a fantastic 2008, put everything into your work, and most importantly ensure that you aim for balance.

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