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Doing the basics before moving in

by emily

in Lifestyle


Excitement fills the air at the thought of moving into your new home and meeting new people form the neighbourhood. The downside comes when you need to unpack all your luggage sets and the various boxes stored in the livingroom from the move. Moving is not about loading goods into a van and off you go. There are important steps you need to take before taking the keys from the previous homeowner.


Contact the utility companies


Ensure that you have all necessary contact information from the previous owner’s utility companies. Having these contact details will make your task easier. Instead of having to go on a hunt for a new plumber or electrician, allow them to provide you with the contact information of all services they’ve used in the past. You might find it handy to use the same service provider that already knows the ins and outs of the property. You’ll have the surety that if something should go wrong, you have the number at hand. So, you can focus on unpacking the mountain of luggage sets and boxes you’ve moved in with and relax in the knowledge that if anything goes wrong their is someone to call.

Change your address


Don’t inconvenience the new people who’ll be moving into your old place by not changing your address as soon as you can. They shouldn’t be receiving your mail months after you’ve moved out. Stop by your local post office and enquire about the steps you need to take in order to ensure your mail arrives at your new address. Contact all your creditors and magazines you subscribe to so that they’re aware of your new location.


Change your locks


A very important aspect of moving that many forget about is buying new locks. The best way to ensure security is to change all the locks in the house shortly after moving in. Bear in mind that this isn’t a strict requirement, but it’s the safest option. \


Get to know the basics


Be sure to find out where the main circuit breaker and main tap is located in your new home. This is a very useful information to have on-hand as soon as you arrive. Make sure that you completely understand the labeling on the circuit breaker to prevent any confusion.


Knowing the basics of your home will allow you to feel secure and remove any doubt that you have made the wrong decision in buying the property.


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